Planning, Building and Compliance

Most developments can not start without approval from Council. Below is a simple step-by-step guide on how to lodge your planning and development application and what you need to know and do before construction.



Why do I need planning and development approval?


How do I prepare my application?



How do I lodge my application?




What happens during the assessment?




My application is approved, what are the final steps before work starts?



For more detail about the development assessment process please click here.


Building and Compliance

Before Commencing Work


Once Development Approval is granted you are permitted to begin works. This must occur within 12 months of the date of the approval.

You are required to notify council a minimum of 24 hours prior to work commencing.

Customers are also encouraged to contact Council so that a Site Management Meeting can be arranged to discuss the processes of working within the City of Playford. Arranging this meeting assists to ensure a smooth and efficient construction process.

If you are not going to commence works within the 12 month period, please contact Council. A Development Application Extension Form can also be completed and submitted to Council.




Council have a team of officers responsible for inspecting sites to ensure works are undertaken in accordance with the Development Act 1993Building Code of Australia and appropriate Australian Standards. Officers may, at any time, request access to your site to ensure works are being undertaken in accordance with approved plans.


Completing Works


Once your development is complete you are required to notify council. This will allow officers to undertake a final inspection, if necessary. A Builder’s Statement may be required to be submitted to Council at the completion of work.


Certificate of Occupancy


Prior to occupation a condition of the approval may be that a Certificate of Occupancy is required. A Council Officer can issue this certificate if Council has granted the Building Rules Consent.

Please contact Council to arrange for a site inspection to issue to Certificate of Occupancy.



Pool and Spa Safety

Fencing and Safety


As a swimming pool or spa owner you are responsible for safety.

To ensure the safety of young children it is vital your swimming pool or spa has appropriate fencing.


All swimming pools and spas must have a continuous safety barrier that restricts access by young children.

If you are a property owner and are selling a property with a swimming pool or spa pool built before July 1993 you must make sure that the safety barrier meets today's standard for new pools. Fencing must be constructed in such a way to make sure that:

  • The fence is an effective barrier to young children
  • It is permanent
  • Young children can't crawl under or climb over it by using foot and hand holds
  • It is at least 1.2 metres high
  • Any boundary fences used as part of the child-safety barrier are at least 1.8 metres high on the side that faces the pool, with a 900 millimetres non-climbable zone at the top inside of the fence, a boundary barrier may be climbable on the neighbour's side

Gates to the pool area must:

  • Swing outward from the pool area
  • Be self-closing from any position
  • Be fitted with a latching device, out of reach of small children, at least 1.5 metres above ground level

Development approval is required for a new swimming pool, spa pool and safety fencing. Council will check:

  • The details and location of safety barriers
  • The safety of the pump
  • The adequacy of structural support for the swimming pool or spa pool

Fencing must be installed before a new pool is filled with water.

Please refer to the development approval step-by-step guide to start your application.


Construction Noise

Nuisance Matters


Council often receives enquires from members of the public to find out to who is responsible for issues such as noise, dust, waste, pollution, fences and retaining walls and boundary encroachments.

The responsible organisation is not always clear,  the following aims to act as a guide for residents to ensure they contact the correct organisation on these matters.


Construction Noise


Some activities on construction sites are noisy. Although some noise may be unavoidable, it can often be controlled using improved work practices. The responsible person, being the owner, occupier or contractor must take all reasonable and practicable measures to minimise noise resulting from the activity and to reduce its impact.


What can be done about Construction Noise?


Try contacting the responsible person in a friendly way. They may not realise the effect the noise is having on nearby residents. Subject to the noise type, often the builder or site workers can immediately reduce the noise. That is, by speaking more quietly, turning down radios, using quieter equipment or by moving machinery away from the affected house. It is also possible to negotiate an agreement about the times they will undertake particularly noisy activities.


Construction of Residential Premises


Before approaching site workers or the builder, think about balancing the needs of the owner and the builder. If noisy work is occurring after hours and site workers are not willing to compromise, and you cannot wait to contact the building company during normal office hours, then contact the police on 131 444 while the noise is occurring. The police can make an assessment and if appropriate, take action under the Environment Protection Act 1993.


Construction of Industrial / Commercial Premises


If the noise is coming from the construction of industrial or commercial premises, then contact the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Customer Services Centre on (08) 8204 2004 during normal working hours.


Where can I find out Further Information?


Further information on noise pollution is available from the Environment Protection Authority website


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