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How we are responding to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Invest in Playford

Next Great City Investment

Playford is being transformed into a digitally connected CBD, built on the latest technology to reach our goal of becoming a fast-paced, agile city of the future. With our Next Great City, we will offer advanced connectivity for world-class digital and technology enterprises, providing the Playford community with a contemporary and urban lifestyle to be proud of.

​The Playford CBD will be a high-density, multi-storey development, while large in stature it will be well-balanced with green spaces and open landscapes; becoming a showcase for sustainable urban environments all over the world.

​Your new CBD will drive new sources of revenue, generate jobs, unlock investment and build on entrepreneurial activity to grow industries of the future — it will help embrace the evolution into the age of innovation!

​Join us as we build the future. Join us as we build South Australia's Next Great City.

Commercial Rates Strategy

Supporting growth in the business sector

We see business investment as a key goal to Playford's future prosperity and growth. Our Council aims to support this growth through the reduction of rates for the business sector by up to 40 percent over 13 years, following the adoption of its new Commercial Rate Strategy in June 2014.

This strategy is a sustainable and equitable solution funded by new revenue generated from growth in the region, and will occur over a number of years as existing businesses expand and new businesses come to the City of Playford!

The commercial rate reductions will occur in the year following a year in which a surplus occurs. The implementation of the strategy will have no impact on existing services as well as residential rate payers.