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Grants and Funding

The City of Playford Community Development Grants Program offers financial support to non-profit community organisations, groups and associations for projects, events, exhibitions or performances that contribute to making Playford a vibrant and stimulating place for people to live, work and play.

Grants are also offered to City of Playford residents for outstanding achievement in their chosen field of endeavour, as well as to young people who find cost a barrier to participating in organised sport to encourage sport and social recreation.

Community Development and Event Grants

Community groups, non-profit organisations and sporting clubs within the City of Playford may be eligible to apply for grants of up to $5000 for a project or one-off community event (must be scheduled after 30 April 2024).

Through these community grants, Council aims to support and encourage community projects/events that enhance neighbourhoods and improve the lives of our residents.

Applications open Monday 15 January 2024

Applications close 5 pm, Friday 23 February 2024 (projects or community events must be scheduled after 30 April 2024).

Community development and event grants offer financial support to non-profit community organisations, local groups and associations for proposals that: 

  • Activate community spaces
  • Deliver innovative, creative or new opportunities for the Playford community to become involved in their local community
  • Encourage and support Arts, Cultural Development, physical activity, health and wellbeing
  • Demonstrate collaboration between organisations and the local community and maximise community benefit
  • Develop and initiate locally based events, exhibitions and/or performances open to the whole community, which make a positive contribution to community and cultural life in the City of Playford

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Need support?

We offer great support to help with your application or to determine if your project/event is eligible. Please contact Community Grants & Administration Officer Karen Leithboro by phone on 8256 0230 or email

Equipment Grants

With an upper limit of $1,000, these grants are open year-round to community organisations, groups and associations to build upon and support current projects, programs and activities in City of Playford.

Outstanding Achievement Grants

With an upper limit of $400, these grants are available to assist residents to achieve their goals in national and international academic, sporting and cultural competitions and national and international leadership and personal development opportunities.

Club Participation Sponsorship Grant

Club Participation Sponsorship grants are available to assist young people up to the age of 17 years to receive a once-off discount on the direct costs associated with joining a City of Playford club (eg, membership fees, registration fees, uniforms or equipment, etc).

The purpose of this program is to reduce the cost of initial club joining fees for young people who would not be able to afford it otherwise.

Acquittal and Evaluation of Grants

On completion of the successfully-funded project, activity or event, recipients are required to return the Development Grant Acquittal form and financial statement (including copies of receipts) to Council.

The grant must be successfully acquitted before your community group or organisation will be eligible to apply for future funding through the City of Playford Community Development Grants Program.

Please read the guidelines before completing this document, or contact the Grants Officer (8256 0230 or for further information.