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Volunteering in Playford

Our volunteers play an essential role in contributing to making Playford a greater city. Our trees in the reserves, books on the library shelves, the meals and fitness classes at the Grenville Hub, meal packs at the Healthy Food Co. and the Youth Strategy are all just a snapshot of the services and programs in which Playford’s volunteers are involved.

Volunteers are people who:

  • Provide services of their own free will
  • Do not receive any monetary reward (out of pocket expenses are covered)
  • Benefit the community and themselves by participating in volunteer programs
  • Complement the work of, but do not replace, paid workers

What are the benefits of volunteering?

Volunteering provides a two-way experience that provides many benefits, including:

  • Gaining new skills and experience in an area of interest that can create pathways to employment
  • Meeting new people and being involved in meaningful activities
  • Providing opportunities for people to share their skills and knowledge with others

Volunteering Programs

Council has more than 580 volunteers who work in diverse programs and services. Many of these programs depend on the commitment and enthusiasm of our volunteers.

Some examples include:

  • Social Support Programs
  • Graffiti
  • Greening Volunteers
  • Grenville Hub
  • Healthy Food Co
  • Friendly visiting
  • Home Assist (including Community Transport Drivers)
  • Libraries
  • Northern Sound System
  • Parks and reserves
  • Playford North
  • Youth activities
  • Men’s Shed and Men’s Programs

Current Vacancies

Want to get involved in your community? There are so many benefits to volunteering, including meeting new people, developing new skills, sharing your talents, improving your employability, as well as improving your own mental wellbeing.

Check out the vacancies below and read the ‘How to become a volunteer’ fact sheet and contact the program coordinator to organise an interview. We look forward to hearing from you!

For additional volunteer vacancies located in the Northern Suburbs contact:

Northern Volunteering

39 John Street, Salisbury, South Australia 5108

Phone: 08 8250 1582