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Geocaching in Playford

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All about geocaching

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So, what is geocaching?

You follow clues to search for hidden containers called geocaches or caches. The caches can contain all sorts of treasure and trinkets to exchange, clues to other caches, or items that can be tracked, like Travel Bugs. Once you've found a cache, log your find and share your experiences online. But keep the location a secret - finding it is part of the fun! Here is a great introduction to geocaching.

How does it work?

Geocachers hide caches in secret locations in the community. Generally they are a waterproof box which along with trinkets and treasures will include a log book for you to sign and date. But of course a micro cache can be very small with just a log book to record that you have found it.

Once you have found a cache fill in the log book and go on and log your find for others to view. Swap a trinket if the cache contains treasure which can be anything small and inexpensive such a Christmas bon bon toys, key ring, sticker or figurine.

Geocaches for families

There are lots of geocaches in and around Playford that may contain treasures to swap. Look for caches that are ‘regular’ in size when you’re searching for cache locations.

Here’s a few to get you started:

I am Here What Now

Mission Possible


Trolls live here!!

Find LOG sign

Bright Bark

Lucky Seven (7)

Smith Creek

If you finish these, don’t stop there!

Sign up and log into the link below to find more geocaches near you. And there are a few hiding guidelines you'll need to follow, you can view those at the link below.