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Parking Expiations

The City of Playford is responsible for the issuing of expiations to vehicles who have not followed the parking rules outlined in the Australian Road Rules. These are part of the Road Traffic Act, and are not set by Council.

Parking Expiations

Received an ‘expiation notice’? We do appreciate that no-one likes receiving them. The expiation fees are set by the State Government and apply to all councils.

Expiation notices can be sent to you in the mail, handed to you or secured under your vehicle windscreen wiper blade. If you’re walking toward your car hoping and praying your windshield is clear, you really shouldn’t have parked there (or for as long as you did) to begin with!

If you have received a parking expiation notice, you have 28 days to make full payment to Council.

To learn more about our flexibility with parking expiations, or how to make a dispute, please read our FAQs below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay?

Here’s a few ways to pay:

  • Online here and quote your notice number
  • Over the phone (08 8256 0333) or make a credit card payment (1300 278 903)
  • In person at our Playford Civic Centre or Stretton Centre (EFTPOS and cheque only at Stretton Centre)
  • By mail - money orders or cheques to City of Playford: 12 Bishopstone Road, Davoren Park, SA 5113

If payment isn’t received by the due date on your notice, a reminder will be sent with a new due date upon which additional fees apply.

What happens if I haven't paid my reminder notice?

Expiations that have not been paid by the final due date of a Reminder Notice are referred by Council to the Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit (FERU) for collection. Once an expiation has been referred to FERU, any dispute or payment arrangement can only be arranged directly with FERU.

Contact the Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit:

Website: Fines Enforcement Unit Website


Phone: 1800 659 538

Am I able to make a payment arrangement with Council?

In certain circumstances, City of Playford can provide a once-off extension of 14 days to assist you in making payment to help you avoid receiving a Reminder Notice with additional fees. You will need to make contact with Council prior to the due date of your Notice.

Contact City of Playford on 08 8256 0333.

If you need a longer period of time to pay for your expiation or would like to pay in instalments, you can apply directly with the Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit (FERU) at any stage to set up a payment arrangement.

Parking Expiation Notice Review

If you have been wrongfully accused of illegally parking, you must complete the Parking Expiation Review Form or lodge an online parking expiation review request by visiting Playford Online Services. The information you provide will assist in determining if the expiation notice is able to be withdrawn.

Evidence must be supplied to support your claim.

What are the chances my fine will be waived?

The following questions will help guide you as to whether you have reasonable circumstances that may support you in your appeal and what evidence you should submit to support your request for review.

Was your vehicle parked in an illegal manner as a result of a direction or instruction from a Police Officer or another Authorised Officer?

If yes, you must include documented evidence along with your written statement. You may need to contact police to obtain this material.

Was the vehicle parked in an illegal manner as a result of a medical or other type of emergency?

If yes, you must include documented evidence along with your written statement. The ambulance service or hospital registrar will be able to provide you with the applicable material.

Was the vehicle parked in an illegal manner as a result of mechanical failure or accident preventing you moving to a legal park?

If yes, you must include documented evidence of breakdown or accident with your written statement. Your roadside assistance organisation or attending mechanic will be able to provide you with suitable documents.

Does the Expiation Notice which issued to you, contain errors or incorrect information, such as wrong location, vehicle, time or date?

If yes, please provide a written statement outlining the errors or incorrect information and details of why you believe the information is incorrect.

Were the signs or road markings relevant to this offence totally obscured or not erected in accordance with Australian Standards?

If yes, please provide a written statement containing a diagram of the non-conforming sign or marking. Photographs will assist with your claim and will be compared to photographs taken at the time of the offence.

Was your permit to park in a restricted zone, a valid original, in good order and visibly displayed on the passenger side of the dashboard?

If your permit had fallen off the dash, you may still apply to have the expiation waived if you are able to present the original permit or submit a photocopy of the original permit sighted and signed by a Justice of the Peace.

Were there compelling humanitarian or safety reasons or any other emergency situation existing so that you could not reasonably have been avoided committing the offence?

If yes, you must include documented evidence along with a written statement to substantiate your appeal. This could also include evidence that the offence was merely a technical, trivial or petty instance of a breach.