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Frequently Asked Questions

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About the project

Why is Council focusing on the CBD?

Revitalising the Elizabeth CBD responds to the needs of our growing community. As the Playford population continues to rapidly increase, so do expectations for access to a thriving retail, sport, business and entertainment, community services precinct that is close to home.

Growth beyond Playford’s borders is also a driver of plans to reshape the CBD, with Elizabeth attracting visitors from rapidly growing areas like Gawler, Light and Barossa as a convenient place to access services, do business, shop and be entertained.

Importantly, the community has told us they want a vibrant and cosmopolitan city centre, with services and offerings all in the one place. It was a key aspiration from the Playford Community Vision 2043 and this project is focussed on creating the conditions to stimulate private investment to realise this vision. Read more about the Playford Community Vision here.

What is the vision for the CBD? What are you trying to achieve?

Council is determined to see a CBD that is vibrant and active, where people can do business, experience retail, restaurant and entertainment offerings and connect and socialise. The CBD is the heart of the city, and its services, businesses and entertainment offerings will reflect the expectations for a contemporary centre where people stay and play longer in Playford.

Where is the CBD located?

The core CBD site is located between Playford Boulevard and Main North Road at Elizabeth.

What’s the role of Council in the developments?

Council’s role in the CBD project is to make the decisions that encourage private investment and to create conditions and guide the process to ensure we get the type of development our community expects. We know our community wants a vibrant and active CBD and not necessarily the construction of things like service stations and big supermarkets in key locations in our city centre.

April 2024 Update

What is the latest update on the CBD? Are things progressing?

Key sites throughout the CBD have been designated to create a thriving, dynamic corridor of activity to encourage people to stay and play longer in Playford.

In August 2022, leading Australian developer, Pelligra, released plans to develop two sites within the CBD – building a commercial office and innovation hub as well as a significant sports entertainment venue.

The proposed developments will provide a strong and positive catalytic impact that strengthens the future of the Elizabeth CBD as not only a vibrant hub for our community, but also for residents living in areas such a Gawler, Light and the Barossa.

Below provides an update on the current status of both proposed developments:

Sports entertainment venue - Following a planning application submission by Pelligra Group, Council's independent Assessment Panel granted planning consent on 18 April 2024. Pelligra Group will now progress to structural design and building rules consent followed by development approval for the works.

Commercial office and innovation hub - The development for the Playford Innovation Hub has received planning consent. Pelligra Group is currently working through the preparation of building rules documentation as part of the next stage of the project. A leasing campaign for the site is underway and more information can be found here.

Other sites - Council is in discussion with other potential proponents regarding the other sites in the CBD.

What are these developments?

Pelligra has proposed the development of two new sites, as outlined below.

Playford Innovation Hub

The commercial office and innovation hub of up to eight storeys, located next to the multideck carpark along Main North Road, will offer space for entrepreneurial start-ups, high growth companies and accelerator programs, as well as offer a cafe, foyer and landscape forecourt.

innovation hub

Sports entertainment venue

A significant development, this proposal includes sport and entertainment options for a wide range of interests. Located on the corner of Main North Road and Philip Highway, includes an indoor ice sports arena, elite rock-climbing facility, two indoor sports courts and gymnasium – supported by a restaurant and other hospitality tenancies.

ice arena

The specific plans on the other sites flagged for development are yet to be confirmed.

Why has Pelligra been selected?

Pelligra is one of Australia’s leading developers. Pelligra submitted well-advanced proposals that meet our community’s expectations for a thriving, active CBD. The proposals align to our vision to create entertainment and business opportunities in the heart of the city and are catalytic projects that will continue the transformation of the Elizabeth CBD. It is exciting to have a developer with the credibility and reputation of Pelligra to share in our vision and see the potential of the north.

Does Pelligra have experience with these types of developments?

Pelligra is a third-generation family business with a diverse development and construction portfolio across Australia, ranging from residential developments, to hotels and commercial and manufacturing sites.

Pelligra is no stranger to transformation with its presence in the Playford community as owner and operator of Lionsgate Business Park, the former Holden manufacturing site, in Elizabeth South. The company are further delivering other major developments across the state in the hotel, office, multi-residential and industrial sectors.

Why is Council building these developments?

Council is not developing the sites. City of Playford is poised to enter into contracts to sell two parcels of land to Pelligra who are privately investing in the Elizabeth CBD.

Council’s role in the CBD project is to make the decisions that encourage private investment, and to create conditions and guide process to ensure we get the type of development our community expects. We know our community wants a vibrant and active CBD and not necessarily the construction of things like service stations and big supermarkets in key locations in our city centre.

When is construction starting? When will things be open?

As much as we want to see development occur as soon as possible, we have always said that transforming the CBD would be a long-term project to make sure we get quality outcomes for the community.

Pelligra is focused on the next steps of the process which includes planning and development approvals.

You’ve promised developments in the CBD before. How do we know this will happen?

Pelligra is a leading Australian developer with a solid track record of executing projects of this scale and quality. The evaluation and probity process used throughout this project has offered up a developer that is able to undertake a proposal of this nature and complexity.

What’s happening with the other sites?

Council is continuing discussions with selected preferred partners about other specific opportunities within the CBD for private investment. Negotiations continue to remain confidential due to commercial information shared by preferred development partners.