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Frequently Asked Questions

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About the project

Where is the CBD located?
  • The core CBD site is located between Playford Boulevard and Main North Road at Elizabeth.
What is the vision for the CBD?
  • A thriving mix of retail and commercial activity along with services, entertainment and experiences.
Are you just going to accept any development?
  • No, we have a clear vision for the CBD.
  • Stringent guidelines are in place to avoid consideration of anything outside of Council’s vision and guiding principles.
  • A comprehensive evaluation and selection process and Probity Framework will control what we accept.
How do we know you’re not going to enter a risky or unsound deal?
  • The evaluation and probity process being used throughout this project will weed out potential partners that are unable to meet the requirements to undertake a proposal of this nature and complexity.
  • The Council is also required under the Local Government Act to undertake a Prudential Review which will be undertaken by an external, independent consultant. This review will also be considered by Council’s Corporate Governance Committee that also has members who are independent to the Council.
What are the project's Guiding Principles?
  • The Guiding Principles provide the criteria details which will assist Council in determining the appropriate development for the area to achieve the vision.
  • For this project, the guiding principles are:
    • Deliverability – can the tenderer deliver the project in collaborative partnership with Council, in a timely manner.
    • Catalytic outcomes – to attract and encourage various activities within the CBD and to develop future investments within the region.
    • Place making and activation – how they plan to enhance streetscapes and urban quality, alongside driving day time and night time activation.
    • High Quality Urban Design and Sustainability – delivering the highest standard of urban design while leaving innovative, sustainable principles both through construction and ongoing maintenance.
We told you we’re concerned about the built form, environment, storm water and traffic – how do we know you’ll be considering this?
  • We consider these matters to be an integral part of the success of this project.
  • Any submissions that move to the stage of providing detailed proposals will be required to address all these matters in detail.
We told you we’re excited about having more experiences, activities, services and entertainment in the CBD – how do we know you’ll be considering this?
  • This is a key driver of the whole project and is included in the guiding principles.
  • The vision is to transform the CBD into a thriving mixed use destination for retail, business, higher education, entertainment and cultural pursuits, as well as residential living.
When will the project be delivered?
  • The delivery of the CBD vision will likely be staged over 5 – 10 years. The community has clearly told us it is dissatisfied with an incomplete CBD and Council is committed to pursuing the best and enduring outcome that is delivered in a careful and responsible manner.

Delivering the CBD

What process is Council following to revitalise the Elizabeth CBD?
  • Infrastructure investment commenced in the CBD in 2017, including the redevelopment of Prince George Plaza, construction of a multi-deck carpark and more recently, the opening of the Grenville Hub and upgrades to Fremont Park.
  • Since mid-2021, Council has been working to expand on this progress, working with industry to identify potential partners to privately develop specific sites within the CBD.
  • Following an EOI process, Council has selected preferred, potential partners and is working with them to develop site-specific proposals that are consistent with the vision for the CBD and the community’s aspirations for a vibrant and active city centre.
You haven't released details for potential developments. Why can't we know what is planned for the CBD?
  • As negotiations continue with preferred development partners, details of potential offerings remain confidential due to commercial information.
  • We understand and encourage community interest in the CBD project. As soon as we are able, we will share more details as we know this is something you are really interested in.
Are you revoking community land to allow for private development?
  • Council has ratified the former Minister for Local Government’s approval to revoke the community land classification for land in the core CBD site adjacent to the Playford Civic Centre.
  • This means that Council is able to progress with contracts of sale on the land once ready to proceed. The proposed developments are privately funded.
  • Encouragingly, the Minister’s response noted that developing the site will have a positive impact on the community.
  • Council is not pursuing revocation of community land along Main North Road at Elizabeth at this time.
Are you developing Gateway sites along Main North Road at Elizabeth?
  • Council will not proceed with development on community land on the Main North Road Gateway sites at this time.
How do we know you're making decisions in the community's best interests?
  • A thorough evaluation and probity process is being used throughout this project, with guiding principles that align with the community’s vision for the CBD.
What is the Council’s role in the project?
  • Proposed developments will be privately funded.
  • Council is the final decision maker and will decide whether to move forward with proposed developments.