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Community Land Management Plans

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All local government land, except roads, which is owned by Council or under our care and control (ie Crown Land) is classified as community land unless Council has resolved to exclude it from its community land status.

As required under the Local Government Act 1999 Council must prepare and adopt a Community Land Management Plan for all community land.

The Community Land Management Plans group community land parcels into a hierarchy of categories based on similar purposes, such as sportsgrounds, local parks, windbreak reserves and natural bushland. The plans detail how Council will develop, manage and maintain the land held for the community’s use and enjoyment.

As per requirements under the Local Government Act 1999, Council has commenced the periodical review of all Community Land Management Plans. The anticipated timeframe for completion is mid-2023. During the review the plans will be updated to ensure all community land reflects the current land use. For clarity, this review is not about changing the use of community land, but rather ensuring all parcels classified as community land (in excess of 1000) are captured and categorised appropriately.

Community Land Management Plans Library

Plans of individual community land parcels are available on request.