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Adapting Northern Adelaide

The Climate Change Adaptation Plan identifies the priority actions and adaptation pathways that will help local government, communities and businesses adapt to climate-related risks across short, medium and long-term time frames. The Plan also describes a Northern Adelaide Green Industries Program to promote recognition of the region’s green industry capabilities, support South Australia’s transition to a low-carbon economy, and boost local jobs.

The accompanying discussion paper Climate Change and the Adaptive Economy describes how a range of strategies are being implemented to both adapt to the coming changes and generate industry and employment opportunities.

For the Northern Adelaide region in 2070 and under a high-emissions scenario:

  • Annual rainfall is projected to decline by about 11 percent
  • Rainfall intensity could increase by 16 per cent
  • Annual maximum temperatures are projected to increase by 2.3°C
  • Annual minimum temperatures could increase by 2°C
  • Extreme heat days per year (35°C or higher) could increase by 76 per cent to 82 per cent (up to 44 days)

Solar Initiatives

The City of Playford is taking action to reduce our energy consumption, as a contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing cost savings to our community.

So far we have:

  • Installed almost 500kW of solar panels across our buildings, including the Civic Centre and Playford Operations Centre
  • Changed all lighting to LED at the Playford Operations Centre and Civic Centres, and changed the way the power systems run
  • Upgraded street lighting in pedestrian areas to 14W LED, saving almost $250,000 annually