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Our Performance

Annual Report

The best, sure-fire way to make sure our city is on track to becoming the Next Great City, is observing our track record.

Council's Annual Report provides an overview of our performance over the previous 12 months and tracks the City of Playford's progress against provisions made in the Annual Business Plan. The Report provides a transparent and accountable review of how Council puts community resources to work throughout the year. 

If you're thinking about becoming part of the City of Playford for business or lifestyle, this report provides an overview of what Playford is all about - our goals, performance and challenges.

Resident Satisfaction Survey

Each year we survey our residents so we can hear from them directly about how they feel about Playford's performance — this helps us track our progress over the previous 12 months while identifying opportunities for improvement.

We use this information to understand our community's perception and what they need in terms of Council performance in service delivery, communication, customer experience and strategic direction.

Staff also know the areas we need to improve and maintain, and areas that influence overall satisfaction within Council — this helps us align resources and make informed decisions when delivering services to our community.

Quarterly Organisational Performance

Quarterly Organisational Performance Reports provide regular updates on our progress towards achieving the goals set out in the Annual Business Plan and the Strategic Plan.

The Report meets the City of Playford’s objective of providing transparency in its operations to the community — it gives details of how we are progressing against our service standards and also provides an update on projects that are being undertaken in support of the Strategic Plan.