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Vision and Strategy

Community Vision 2043

Playford Community Vision was developed with extensive community engagement and reflects the longer-term aspirations of the community, organised under the goals of prosperity, liveability and happiness.

State of the City Report

The State of the City Report is a comprehensive document painting a picture of what’s happening in the City of Playford, tracking our progress against a set of goals and benchmarks.

Data drawn from a range of sources, including the Australian Bureau of Statistics and, the report describes the social, economic and environmental aspects of our local government area.

Long-Term Financial Plans

Set over a ten-year timeframe, the Long-Term Financial Plan ensures Council operates in a financially sustainable manner while delivering services, maintaining assets and achieving our strategic objectives.

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan describes what Council will focus on over the next four years and how we will go about it.

Strategic Asset Management Plan

The City of Playford Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) ensures Council can deliver services, maintain assets and achieve its strategic objectives in a financially sustainable manner in the short, medium and long term.

Annual Business Plan and Budget

The Annual Business Plan and Budget is the 12-month plan to deliver the Strategic Plan and securing funding towards Council’s goals, services and projects.

Other Strategies and Plans

In addition to the City of Playford’s four-year Strategic Plan, Council has many strategies and plans that drive our focus to make Playford South Australia’s Next Great City. From the youth of our community to seniors, open spaces to public health, our plans will shape Playford and Council’s provision of services.

Citywide Strategies

Citywide Strategies focus on a particular asset class or service on a city-wide basis. They are designed to guide decision making and help prioritise projects for Council. Citywide Strategies are developed using a range of information, such as supply and demand data, population projections, benchmarking, best practice guidelines, etc. In order for initiatives to be delivered they require funding through the Annual Business Plan (ABP).

Master Plans

Master Plans are similar to Citywide Strategies, however they have a stronger precinct focus and higher level of detail. Their purpose is to outline how Council can achieve its vision across a particular precinct. Council has four Master Plans as well as a Master Plan for each of the townships.