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The City of Playford has over 1,000 hectares of open space, consisting of playgrounds, parks, sports reserves and trails through and around our suburbs. The parks are well-used and appreciated by the community, gaining high ratings in Council's community surveys.


Dog-Free areas prohibit the presence of dogs unless the dog is an Assistance Dog. Dogs On Leash areas require a dog to be secured by a leash no longer than two metres in length. These areas include:

  • Any park or reserve during times when organised sport is being played
  • Within five metres of children’s playground equipment
  • Any wetland area
  • Any local government land or public place that the Council determines to be an On Leash area

Dog Exercise areas (Dog Parks) are off-leash areas where owners are required to maintain effective control of their dog by other means if off-lead, while in that area.


Smoking is banned within 10 metres of children’s playground equipment in a public place. Fines for smoking in these areas is a $75 expiation fee, with a maximum fine of $200.

For more information, visit the SA Health website or phone the SA Health tobacco information line on 1300 363 703.

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