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Land Division

Land Division Process

Land division includes:

  • The alteration of the boundaries of land
  • The division or amalgamation of land

Any land division application is lodged with the State Commission Assessment Panel, and copies of the development application are forwarded to various state agencies and to Council. Being the relevant planning authority, Council will asses the proposed land division against its requirements.

Though an approval can be issued, there may still be requirements that need to be met before the new land titles can be created. We recommend that you see preliminary advice from City of Playford's Planning Department and have a surveyor assist in the preparation and lodgement of the application.


As we aim to create the Next Great City, we strive to work with developers to create a vibrant, thriving and sustainable future while maintaining engaging, high-quality, walkable, and well-serviced public areas.

To ensure these outcomes can be achieved, City of Playford have prepared a set of Land Development Guidelines to assist developers through the land division process.

Asset Handover Form

What are the Land Division Guidelines?

The Land Division Guidelines are a collection of documents consisting of one main document and a set of appendices that lay out the land division process, from conception through to construction, and final asset handover to Council.

1. Land Division Requirements

The Land Division Requirements set out the full process for development application, approval, design documentation requirements, the construction process and final handover.

2. Stormwater Requirements

The Stormwater Requirements are an appendix in the overall guidelines and set out Councils technical requirements for the management and disposal of stormwater from the land division.

3. Road Reserves

The Road and Traffic Requirements are an appendix in the overall guidelines and set out Councils technical requirements for the traffic management of the development

4. Landscaping

The Landscaping Requirements are an appendix to the overall guidelines and set out Council’s requirements for planting, species, irrigation.

All land divisions within Playford are required to follow the processes and requirements of the Land Division Guidelines.

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