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Rates relief

Having Difficulty Paying Rates?

The City of Playford is committed to help those experiencing financial hardship to manage payments with a goal to clear outstanding and ongoing rates' debt.

Our team can work with you to set up regular payment deduction by Centrepay and direct debit. We encourage you to contact us as soon as you become aware you may have difficulties in making payments.

Are you experiencing Financial Hardship?

We can refer you to a free accredited financial counsellor to help manage your finances and set up regular repayments for your rates.

To learn more, you can chat to our Rates Team on 8256 0333 or email us on

Hardship policy

This Policy provides options for ratepayers seeking rates relief due to hardship or extenuating circumstances. Council may refer the ratepayer to an accredited financial counsellor or negotiate a flexible longer-term debt repayment arrangement. Section 182 of the Local Government Act 1999 advises Council can grant rates relief due to hardship or extenuating circumstances.

Rates Relief

Cost of Living Concessions

From July 2015, Council concessions were replaced with State Government cost of living concessions.

For information on concession eligibility, applications and payments contact the Department of Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI):



Concessions Hotline: 1800 307 758

Rate Rebates

Council’s may grant a rebate of rates payable where Council considers that the applicant meets the requirements under Chapter 10, Division 5, of the Local Government Act 1999. If you feel you may be eligible for a rebate, please complete the “Application for Rates Rebate” document below.

Seniors Rates Postponement

Seniors Rates Postponement allows eligible ratepayers who are Seniors Cardholders to postpone payment of Council rates amounts over $500 per year until eligibility ceases, upon which any outstanding amount falls due.

This can assist ratepayers who have a high level of equity in their home, but are on limited incomes.

COVID-19 assistance

If you are ratepayer experiencing payment difficulties due to Covid-19 you should contact council on 8256 0333 or email

Commercial business’s enquiring about rate relief should contact the Rates Team on 8254 4644 or email

Other Council Rates Information

Our Rating Policy is a strategy to make sure Council rates are charged across the Playford community along with the methods and timeframes for collection of rates.

The policy deals with specific issues such as:

  • Method used to value land
  • Structure of rates - how rates will be imposed across the community (general rates, differential rates, fixed charges, etc)
  • Payment dates
  • Late payment fees
  • Options for rate relief

This policy does not set the amount of rate revenue to be collected, as that is determined by the annual City Plan and Budgeting process which is adopted in June each year.

Commercial Rate Strategy

In June 2014 the Council approved the commercial rating strategy, with 75% of new commercial rate revenue received from growth to fund rate reductions to all businesses over the next 13 years. This strategy is an integral part of a greater plan to encourage growth in business development and employment opportunities in the City of Playford.

For further information please view the Commercial Rate Strategy document on the link below.

Single Farm Enterprise

If your land use has been defined as primary production on two or more rate notices, you may be entitled to be considered as a single-farm enterprise. Refer to the Fact Sheet and application form.

Contiguous Land

If two or more pieces of your rateable land are contiguous such as by that abutting each other, and all pieces are owned by the same owner and occupied by the same occupier only one fixed charge may be imposed against the whole of the land. Refer to the Fact Sheet for elegibility. If you think you may be elegible you should contact Council.