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Rates relief

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Having Difficulty Paying Rates or Facing Financial Hardship?

We understand that sometimes it can be hard to make payments of your rates by the due date.

The City of Playford is committed to help those experiencing financial hardship or impacted by loss of income to manage payments with a goal to clear outstanding and ongoing rates' debt. We encourage you to contact us as soon as you become aware you may have difficulties in making payments.

Our team may be able to assist by:

  • Helping you set up regular payment deductions by Centrepay or direct debit
  • Referring you to a free accredited financial counsellor to help manage your finances and set up regular repayments for your rates
  • Postponing your rates if you are a Seniors Card holder
  • Protecting you from debt recovery

To learn more, you can chat to our Rates Team on 8254 4644 or email us on

Rates Relief and Hardship

Section 182 of the Local Government Act 1999 advises Council can grant rates relief due to hardship or extenuating circumstances.

This is outlined in Council’s Hardship Policy, which also provides options for ratepayers seeking rates relief due to hardship or extenuating circumstances.

Ratepayers experiencing financial difficulty may be able to access number of other relief measures designed to support our business and residential community.

Hardship Assistance

If you wish to apply for hardship assistance please complete the Application for Hardship Assistance document below.

We do recommend reaching out to our Rates team on 8254 4644 before completing this form, to see if there are any other options available for support.

Rates Rebates

Council’s may grant a rebate of rates payable where Council considers that the applicant meets the requirements under Chapter 10, Division 5, of the Local Government Act 1999.

Rebates are reviewed regularly by Council to make sure they are applied correctly and are able to achieve the intended purpose.

If you feel you may be eligible for a rebate, please complete the Application for Rates Rebate document below.

Seniors Rates Postponement

Seniors Rates Postponement allows eligible ratepayers who are Seniors Cardholders to postpone payment of Council rates amounts over $500 per year until eligibility ceases (the property is sold or circumstances change), upon which any outstanding amount falls due.

This can assist ratepayers who have a high level of equity in their home, but are on limited incomes.

If you wish to apply for postponement of your rates, please complete the Application for Seniors Postponement document below.

Contact us for further information

Ratepayers or commercial business’s enquiring about rate relief should contact the Rates Team on 8254 4644 or email

You may also be eligible for a State Government Cost of Living concession. Find out by visiting, emailing or phoning the concessions hotline on 1800 307 758

Documents, Fact Sheets and Forms

Hardship Policy and application

Rate Rebates

Seniors Rates Postponement