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The City of Playford's leadership team contains a wealth of experience and knowledge to support the best outcomes for the community.


Our Council has many powers and duties which are governed by legislation, however, in the interest of efficiency, many of these decision-making powers and duties can be delegated by Council to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). In turn, the CEO may further sub-delegate certain powers to specified staff in the organisation as considered appropriate.

The Delegations Register is a key document within the City of Playford governance framework. Section 44 of the Local Government Act 1999 requires Council to maintain a Delegations Register.

Delegation and sub-delegation processes ensure that employees are provided with the legal authority to undertake various duties and exercise powers in accordance with legislation. They promote accountability and are considered a proactive risk-management tool.

Delegations Register

There is a legal requirement for Councils to review annually all delegations and sub-delegations, the results of which are published below, along with other associated instruments.

Authorised Officers

Local Government in South Australia is responsible for discharging a wide range of statutory powers, functions and duties in accordance with the Local Government Act 1999 and other acts. This means that our Authorised Officers are out in the community undertaking duties in regards to dog and cat management, parking, health, building and planning are enforced.

Our Authorised Officers have the power to expiate or prosecute under the appropriate act or by-law.

The power to appoint an Authorised Officer is a decision of the Chief Executive Officer or Council (or if specified by a Minister or Board). An appointment can only be provided where specific qualifications are met by that person to carry out a regulatory function, decision or an action on behalf of Council. An Authorisation is provided to a person and not a position, and limitations and conditions may apply.

Staff Registers

As per the Code of Conduct for Council Employees, Council is required to maintain a Staff Gifts and Benefits Register.

Register of Corporate Credit Card Transactions

As of January 2020 all Council credit card transactions will be published online.

The City of Playford is committed to making its policies and practices even more contemporary and aligned with community expectations. This has included the review and strengthening of financial controls and reporting, and a continual focus on building strong foundations of governance in line with community expectations.

Credit card usage in an environment with appropriate policy and financial controls like those within the City of Playford, is an efficient and effective purchasing tool.

The City of Playford is committed to being open and transparent on all Council operations, services and initiatives. On our website you can view staff and delegation registers above, agendas and minutes from Council Meetings or Quarterly Organisational Performance Reports.

Register of Travel

As of January 2020 interstate and overseas travel expenses incurred by the City of Playford will be published online.

Travel expenses are being made publicly available as part of our ongoing commitment to being open and transparent and focus on building strong foundations of governance in line with community expectations.

Please note: Travel expenses includes flights and accommodation incurred by Elected Members and employees only. The travel expense will appear in the month the expense is incurred by Playford and may not align with the travel dates. Payment for flights and accommodation may occur at different times and therefore appear in separate statements.