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The City of Playford adopted new by-laws on 1 January 2023.

By-Law 1 - Permits and Penalties

Establishes the permit system for Council by-laws and sets the penalties for non-compliance.

By-Law 2 - Moveable Signs

Guides businesses and other groups on where signs can be placed near roads, like where to set up an A-frame or large banner.

By-Law 3 - Local Government Land

Establishes what can and cannot be done on Council land, from setting up a market stall to using music amplification at an event or performance.

By-Law 4 - Dogs

Manages and controls dogs in the Council area. It also sets restrictions on the number of dogs permitted on a property.

By-Law 5 - Cats

Sets restrictions on the number of cats permitted on a property and the requirement for cat identification.

By-Law 6 - Bird Scaring Devices

Regulates the use of bird scaring devices (e.g., airhorns, speakers and sounds on timer) in the Council area to ensure they are not causing a nuisance to the community.

By-Law 7 - Roads

Manage, control, and regulate activities on roads and footpaths in the Council area.

By-Law 8 - Waste Management

Ensures residents are placing bins out and bringing them back onto their property within a reasonable timeframe from their collection date.

By-Law 9 - City of Playford Miscellaneous Amendment By-Law

Identification of Local Government Land

In accordance with Section 246 (3) (e) of the Local Government Act 1999, by-laws only apply to those portions of land which have been identified by Council Resolution. The documents below identify which parts of land apply.