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Elected Member Registers and Reports

Registers and Reports

To keep our Council accountable and transparent, the City of Playford Elected Members are bound by mandatory reporting of gifts and benefits received from the public.

In accordance with the mandated Code of Conduct for Council, Elected Members may accept hospitality provided in the context of performing their duties, including:

  • 3.9.1 Free or subsidised meals, beverages or refreshments of reasonable value provided in conjunction with:
    • Council work-related events such as training, education sessions workshops and conferences
    • Council functions or events
    • Social functions organised by groups such as Council committees and community organisations
  • 3.9.2 Invitations to, and attendance at, local social, cultural or sporting events.

Where Elected Members receive a gift or benefit of more than a value published in the Government Gazette by the Minister for Local Government from time to time, details of each gift or benefit must be recorded within a gifts and benefits register maintained and updated quarterly by the Council’s Chief Executive Officer. This register must be made available for inspection at the principal office of the Council and on the Council website.

Gifts and Benefits Registers are maintained per financial year and updates are published quarterly.

Register of Interests

In accordance with the with Section 68 of the Local Government Act 1999 the Chief Executive Officer is required to maintain a Register of Interests of Elected Members.

Sections of this Register of Interests are required to be published online:

Section 70—Inspection of Register

  • (a1) A council must publish, in accordance with the regulations, the following details in relation to each member of the council contained in the Register on a website determined by the Chief Executive Officer (and cause the details on the website to be updated at regular intervals):
    • (a) the member's income sources (within the meaning of Schedule 3) or employer
    • (b) the name of any political party, any body or association formed for political purposes or any trade or professional organisation (within the meaning of Schedule 3) of which the member is a member
    • (c) any gifts received by the member that are required to be included in the information entered in the Register in relation to the member
  • (1) a person is entitled to inspect (without charge) the Register at the principal office of the Council during ordinary office hours
  • (2) a person is entitled, on payment of a fee fixed by the council, to a copy of the Register

Details of declarations by a member of Council under Section 74(5) and Section 75A(4) of the Local Government Act 1999 are recorded in the minutes of the meeting where the declaration was made and within the following declarations register.

Training and Conference Reports

To keep our Council accountable and transparent, City of Playford Elected Members are bound by mandatory reporting of invitations to training and development events.

Reports of attendance by the Mayor and Councillors at any training and development events will be published on our website in the section below. The Council Member Training Budget Summary and reports on these individual events by Elected Members can also be viewed below.

2019 Training and Conference Reports

2018 Training and Conference Reports

2017 Training and Conference Reports