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Applications on Public Notification

Some developments will require public notification as part of their assessment process.

Public notification allows neighbours and other interested parties to be notified that an application for development has been lodged, understand details of the development and have the opportunity to comment on the application.

What Types of Developments Are There?

While all developments require approval, there are many different types of developments due to their levels of impact with all applications being grouped into one of the following assessment pathways.


Exempt development does not require assessment by Council.


Accepted development does not require planning consent. An application should be made for building consent only.

This development type is equivalent to building rules consent only under the previous Development Act 1993.


Deemed-to-satisfy development must meet strict established criteria.

This development type is equivalent to complying development under the previous Development Act 1993.

Performance assessed

Performance assessed development requires a more intensive assessment against the rules outlined in the Planning and Design Code, and may be subject to public notification requirements.

This development type is equivalent to merit based development under the previous Development Act 1993.


Restricted development requires assessment by the State Planning Commission,

These new assessment pathways have been set out in the Planning, Development and Infrastructure (General) Regulations 2017 and determine the timeframes within which a decision and approval must be made.

They also inform the fees payable for the development application.

Smaller and less complex development should mean quicker decision timeframes with high-level impact development assessment process taking a little longer due to its complexity.

How will I know if a development has been released for public notification?

If you live within 60 metres of a development that requires publication notification you will receive a letter with details of what is planned and how you can have your say.

In most instances, a sign will also be placed on the land containing details of the proposed development - including an image - and provide details on how you can view the application and have your say. For convenience, each sign will have a QR code that will link straight to the public notice for each specific development

How can I view development applications on public notification?

If you would like to gain insight into a new development application in your area, you can scan the QR code located on the public notification sign or view the details of the public notice at PlanSA Have Your Say.

How can I provide feedback on a public notification?

When you have your say on a notified development application, it’s called submitting a representation.

If you would like to share your thoughts on an application out for public notification, locate the details of the required application in the PlanSA public notices list.

To view details of all public notices at PlanSA.

  • Visit the Have your Say tab, and then current public notices.
  • Locate the required notification in the PlanSA public notices list
  • Read the documents associated with the application
  • Submit your feedback into the web form

Make sure you have visited PlanSA to understand what information to include in your submission.

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The way you submit and track development applications has changed from 19 March 2021