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Update your Contact Details

Have you moved house recently, changed your phone number, email address or rental managing agent?

Incorrect contact details can mean missing out on information from Council. This is especially important if your current postal address is different from the address shown on your recent Council Rates Notice, or if you did not receive a copy of your notice at all.

Ratepayers remain liable for all rates declared on the property, with late payment fees applying if quarterly payment obligations are not met.

Help keep us up to date when your contact details change by following the steps below.

Update your phone number and email address online

Updating your contact details with the City of Playford is now only a few clicks away!

Logging in to your Playford Online Services account is the easiest way to update your phone and email address.

Simply log in, select ‘My Details’, update the required contact method and submit.

Updating your residential or postal address

When you update your address, you will be asked to provide your Assessment Number. This number can be found on the top right-hand corner of your Rates Notice.

You will also need to provide your current property or mailing address.

How can I change my address?

Call us

Phone Customer Contact during business hours on 8256 0333


You can send an email to

NB: Please advise us in your email if the change of address is not for all owners of the property.


Complete and submit a request via Playford Online Services.

How can I add or remove a managing agent?

If you own a rental property and have an agent managing your property, you can request that Council sends your Rates Notices to the managing agent. You can also request that the managing agent is removed if they are no longer managing the property.


Phone Customer Contact during business hour on 8256 0333


You can send an email to

Managing agents can email Council to let us know that they are managing your property, or are no longer your managing agent.

How can I change my name with Council?

If you have changed your name, please download and return the Change of Name form, available below.

When you submit your form, you will need to provide a copy of your marriage certificate or official name-change document. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept change of name requests over the phone.

If you are reverting back to your maiden name, please provide a copy of both your birth certificate and marriage certificate.

Update your Library Card

Visit one of our Library branches to update your details. Please bring along current ID and proof of change of address.

NB: If you update your library details and own a property, you will still need to update your details with Council so you don't miss out on important information or your rates notices.