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Lost and Found Dogs

Report a Lost Dog

If you have lost your dog:

Council will make every effort where possible, to return dogs home. If this is not possible Council will take them to the Animal Welfare League (AWL), where they will be impounded and held for 72 hours at 4 Hewittson Road, Edinburgh North.

Wandering Dogs

Be cautious when approaching strange or wandering dogs – they may be afraid of you and attack without notice – leave the contact to our Officers. If the dog is friendly you may contain it with a leash or on your property, so it is away from threats like traffic and other dangers.

You must call the Council on 8256 0333 if you have come across a wandering dog or have managed to contain one. We will collect the dog and investigate if it has been reported as lost.

If you let your dog wander, you may be issued with an expiation fee. The current fee is $210 if your dog is found wandering at large, with the fee increasing if your dog is a guard dog, a dog of prescribed breed, or under control order.

Should you see any other wandering or injured animals, please contact:

Native Animals: Call Fauna Rescue SA on 8289 0896.

Injured Animals: Call the RSPCA on 1300 477 722, or take it to a local vet so they can take necessary action.

Collecting an Impounded Dog

If your dog has been impounded please call or visit our Customer Contact team on 8256 0333 or 10 Playford Boulevard Elizabeth, between 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday to organise the collection of your furry friend. Once the impound fee of $80.90 has been paid (with a further $21.60 per day for feeding and caring costs) and the dogs registration is current, we can organise for your dog to be released.

The Animal Welfare League is able to release your dog on weekends and public holidays between 10am-4pm and release fees will be processed by the Animal Welfare League.