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Local nuisance

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We aim to keep nuisance, noise and litter to a minimum in Playford as we pride ourselves on developing strong local values. To help us in this journey, the Local Nuisance and Litter Control Act 2016 (the Act) was developed to enhance local amenity values by nourishing the local nuisance and litter management services within South Australian communities.

What is local nuisance?

A local nuisance is described in the Local Nuisance and Litter Control Act as "any adverse impact on the amenity value of an area, which unreasonably interferes with, or is likely to unreasonably interfere with, the enjoyment of that area by people in that area".

Examples of a local nuisance may include:

  • Noise from fixed and non-fixed domestic machines such as air-conditioner compressor, swimming-pool pumps, lawn mowers and power tools
  • Dust and activity noise from development and construction sites
  • Smoky wood heaters.

Local nuisance in the community can also be caused by unsanitary conditions, such as a filthy or neglected premises that presents a risk of rodent infestation or produce offensive odours or material into the atmosphere.

It can also be caused by unsightly conditions on premises caused by human activity or a failure to act on conditions such as:

  • Excessive or unconstrained rubbish, waste or vegetation
  • Stockpiled, excessive or unconstrained disused or derelict items or material
  • A building on the premises having been left partially demolished or in disrepair, dilapidation or damage
How do I report nuisance or noise?

To report nuisance or noise concerns, please lodge an online general request, call Customer Care on (08) 8256 0333 or email to

Where can I get further information?

We have developed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) fact sheets to help you recognise potential local nuisances, such as unwarranted smoke, excessive noise, nuisance dust or unkempt properties.

Fact Sheets