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Make time for the people who matter to you most, connect with them and connect with new people too. Connecting with family, friends, neighbours or people in your community, will give you a sense of belonging. World renowned author and community facilitator Priya Parker has even written a book about the importance of how we meet and why it matters (The Art of Gathering).

There are so many ways to meet people in Playford. Spend time enjoying different activities with your family and friends and exploring the experiences Playford has to offer.

Ways that you can connect with people include:

  • Go for a walk with a friend and greet the people you walk past
  • It’s better outside! Connection in nature supports our health and wellbeing. Pitch a tent in the backyard for a stress-free backyard campout
  • Organise a family picnic or kids play date in a local Playford park – use our Park Finder to discover parks close to you and what they have to offer
  • Head to one of our Community Centres and participate in one of the social groups or programs
  • Join a community garden group – we love the Precinct Community Garden located at 112 Coventry Road, Smithfield Plains!
  • Get along to one of the many events held in the City of Playford – family fun days, Australia Day Breakfast, Harmony Day celebrations, NAIDOC events, Carols or the Christmas Parade
  • Organise to meet an old friend at a café for a coffee


Don’t forget connecting with yourself is equally as important as connecting with others.

Slowing down and taking notice helps you to feel calm and relaxed. Learn to enjoy each moment and the small things that make you happy.

Look out for the colours of the trees changing with the seasons or listen for birds singing early in the morning.

Try and connect with a few of these suggestions:

  • Take a walk in Stebonheath Park through the nature reserve, wetlands or the Stolen Generation Memorial Gardens
  • Visit Playford’s Wellbeing Hub. Explore the tranquil and colourful Community Garden located at The Precinct, take a seat on the Reflection Bench located in the sensory garden and immerse yourself in the array of colours, smells and textures. Participate in one the many activities held at The Precinct – have a go at workshops such as Sound Bath, Meditation, Journaling, Yoga, Craft and Gardening Workshops. Or take a walk along the connector path between the Precinct and John McVeity Centre taking notice of the crochet and clay creations made by the community along the way
  • Take a camera on a walk and photograph the natural environment or interesting things you spot through streets and laneways; take the time to really notice the colours and textures of what you are photographing
  • Appreciate art on a street art trail through our city