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Healthy eating, healthy lifestyle and healthy minds = Healthy Wellbeing. Getting lots of sleep, drinking lots of water and spending time looking after your mind, body and spirit are all super important to your wellbeing.

Ways for you to nourish your body in Playford can include:

  • Try an Easy Meal pack from one of Playford’s Healthy Food Co stores
  • Get some inspiration around eating more vegetables and Try for 5
  • Join a local cooking group. Contact one of Playford’s Community Centres to see if there is one currently taking place
  • Have a go at growing your own food garden at home
  • Visit a local Grow Free cart in your area. Place excess produce from your garden on the cart or take items home that have been placed on the cart
  • Shop locally for fresh, nutritious and low cost produce. Visit the local farmers market or Fruit & Veg store
  • Visit a local seed library. Take seeds to grow at home, or share your excess seeds for others to plant and grow. Why not visit the one located on the Grow Free cart inside the Smithfield Plains Healthy Food Co. located at The Precinct
  • Practice some yoga or tai chi in the park, or if you are more of an indoors person, visit one of our many community centres or recreation facilities to see what fitness groups/activities they have available
  • Have a go at a mindfulness exercise