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Preparing to Submit an Application

What is a Development Application and Why is it Required?

Do you want to develop in the City of Playford and be prepared for the process of a Development Application? This process will help you gain approval for a number of development tasks, such as building a house or a verandah, changing the land use of the property, or even demolishing a building. You must have an approved Development Application to go through with the process, as no development in Playford can be undertaken without an approval.

Most development applications are made up of two consents:

1. Planning consent

Your development application for planning consent will be assessed against the Planning and Design Code. The Planning and Design Code is the 'rule book' for what type of development can occur.

2. Building consent

Applications are assessed by a building officer to comply with the Building Code of Australia.

When your planning and building consents have been granted, the development approval will be granted, meaning your proposed development can begin!

Developments that require approval are guided by the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 and the associate regulations.

Before You Submit Your Development Application

The PlanSA portal provides a valuable source of information before, during and after you have submitted a development application.

Before you submit your development application, it is recommended that you visit the PlanSA Before You Lodge page, to understand the information you will need to support your application.

This includes:

Understanding if approval is required for your planned development

If you're planning a new development, you may need approval before you get started.

Visit the PlanSA Approval Wizard, enter your address and a few details of your plans to find out if approval is required for your dream development.

Viewing the polices that apply in more detail

If you would like to find out if you can apply for a specific type of development, you can find out by browsing what policies apply to a development.

To do this, you can enter property address and some basic details of the development planned into the Online Planning and Design Code.

Reviewing the development application checklist

Make sure you have gathered all the required information before you submit your application. This will assist in a more streamlined assessment process.

If you're unsure if you need to complete a Development Application to begin your development, our doors and lines are always open if you wish to talk to us about what you want to do. Our helpful Planning and Building Officers can assist you through the process of gaining a development approval.

City of Playford offers a number of easy ways for you to contact us:


For planning related enquiries, you can email the Duty Planner at, or for building related enquiries, you can email the Duty Builder at


You can call the Duty Planner on (08) 8256 0331 or the Duty Builder on (08) 8256 0551.

In Person:

The Duty Planner and Duty Builder are available 9am – 5pm, Tuesday and Thursday at the Playford Civic Centre.

The Civic Centre is located at 10 Playford Boulevard, Elizabeth, just opposite Elizabeth Shopping Centre.

Bookings are preferred however walk-ins are welcome. To make a booking phone our friendly Customer Contact team on 8256 0333

Find out more at PlanSA

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The way you submit and track development applications has changed from 19 March 2021