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Public Notices

On this page you'll find a space for the City of Playford to communicate with our residents about things which may affect you.

Road Name Changes

Appropriate road naming is essential to accurately identify property locations for providing services, deliveries and attendance by emergency services.

There will be occasions where Council may need to make the decision to rename a road due to one of the following factors:

  • Two roads with similar names in close proximity causing confusion
  • Result of a road closure to a section of road, this could be a major new road system such as NEXY or smaller road closure due to a housing development.

Requests for a road name change can be submitted by a resident or a Council officer.

Authority for Council to Change a Road Name

In accordance with Section 219 of the Local Government Act 1999, and under delegation, Council may assign a name to a public or private road, or to a public place, or change the name of a public or private road, or of a public place.

For further information regarding road naming please refer to Council’s Naming of Assets Policy

Road Name Changes Effective from 21 February 2019

New road name signs will be erected to reflect the changes below

Lawder Road, Blakeview - the western end of Lawder Road will be renamed to Henderson Street.

Olinda Court, Craigmore - the entirety of this road will be renamed Paterson Court.

Eyre Circuit, Eyre - the entirety of this road will be renamed to Hume Circuit.