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Do you have an On-Site Wastewater System?

If you live in one of Playford’s smaller townships, such as Angle Vale, Virginia or One Tree Hill, or if you live on a rural allotment, you may have an on-site wastewater system to treat and dispose of wastewater, as these areas are unsewered (ie, not connected to the SA Water sewer system).

If you own or are looking to buy a property with an on-site wastewater system, understanding the type of system, correct operation and maintenance requirements associated with it, is crucial.

Misuse of an on-site wastewater system can result in potential health risks, additional costs, inconvenience, and possible penalties.

System installation

A new system must be designed by a qualified wastewater engineer who will determine a suitable system for your home and prepare an engineer’s report. Council approval is required for all on-site wastewater systems.

Once your on-site wastewater system is approved by Council, your registered plumbing contractor is responsible for ensuring work is undertaken in accordance with the approval documents.

Wastewater Information