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Roadworks and Road Closures

Council is committed to providing the best local road network possible, with minimal disruptions to drivers and residents. Roads may be closed, or have traffic diversions put in place, in order to upgrade roads, kerbs and footpaths. Dates are provisional and subject to change. Line marking on roads is generally scheduled for two weeks after a road has been resealed, so that the road surface has time to cure, before the lines are painted.

Application to Alter or use a Public Road or Council Land

In accordance with Sections 202, 221 and 222 of the Local Government Act 1999 alteration or use of a public road or Council land (including Community Land) is not permitted unless authorised by Council.

Forms of consent include permits, authorisations, leases or licences.

Use of public road or Council land must not commence until approval has been granted.

Please note in some instances the proposed use may not be deemed appropriate and therefore may not be approved.

What is the definition of a road?

A road extends from property line to property line and includes the roadside and road, commonly referred to as “road reserve”. A road can also include a bridge, footpath or walkway.

In what circumstances should I submit an application?

An application form must be completed for the following:

  • Alteration of the public road to permit access from an adjacent property
  • Erect, install or remove a building or structure (including pipes, wires, cables, fixtures, fittings, site compounds and other objects) associated with the public road or Council land
  • Alteration of the public road
  • Use of public road or Council land for a business purpose
  • Exclusion of access to public road or Council land i.e. road closure due to development works
  • Any other matter relevant to the use or maintenance of public road or Council land

Applying for a Temporary Road Closure

There may be times when planned maintenance or infrastructure development will require the temporary closure of a local road.

Planning an event or special occasion? If you're planning on having a party on and adjacent to Council roads you will also need to submit a request for a temporary road closure.

Any request for a temporary road closure is assessed against conditions outlined the Road Traffic Act, with consideration also given to the safety and impact on road users.

When should I apply for a road closure?

For temporary road closures to support a special event, a minimum of 3 months’ notice is required to enable Council to provide certification and approval.

For permanent road closures, closures implemented for emergencies and closures for road works, this timeframe is shorter. Our Traffic and Engineering Services teams will work with you to confirm the minimum notice period.

What documents will need to be supplied to support an application for a temporary road closure?

The type of documents required will be dependent on the reason for the temporary road closure. This may include:

  • Details of the event, including dates
  • Roads requested to be closed
  • A site plan providing details of pedestrian access
  • A traffic management plan
  • Provision of public indemnity
  • An event management plan
  • A construction management plan

You will be responsible for any costs incurred from advertising the road closure, signage, third-party liaisons and so on. You will be notified by email or phone when your approval has been given.

How do I apply?

Simply email Council via Our teams will guide you through the process required to seek approval.