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Local Government elections

Authorised by Sam Green, Chief Executive Officer, 12 Bishopstone Road, Davoren Park SA 5113

The next Local Government periodic election will take place in 2022. If you are invested in the future of the City of Playford, ensure you are enrolled to vote and explore what it takes to be a councillor and nominate to stand in the Council elections.

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Election timeline

Close of electoral roll5pm, Friday 29 July, 2022
Nominations openTuesday 23 August, 2022
Nominations close12pm, Tuesday 6 September, 2022
Ballot paper drawTuesday 6 September 2022 (time to be confirmed)
Mailout of ballot materials to electorsBetween Friday 14 October and Thursday 20 October, 2022
Close of voting (Polling Day)5pm, Thursday 10 November, 2022
Scrutiny and count commences9am, Saturday 12 November, 2022


Election results are being updated progressively on the Electoral Commission SA website.


Voting in council elections is conducted by post. All election materials, including your ballot papers, are mailed directly to the postal address you provided on the electoral roll.

The Electoral Commission SA automatically mails postal voting packs to each voter after nominations close. Their website will contain information on when to return your ballot papers.

For more information on voting head to Electoral Commission SA.

Candidate Information Request Register

This table lists the information that has been provided by Council staff to candidates during the election period. It will be updated on Tuesdays and Fridays.

NameRequestResponse provided
Shirley HallsNumber of residential properties by suburb in each wardFile containing number of residential properties by suburb in each ward sent to all candidates.
Matthew RetallickNumber of properties in Ward 5 and information on using an A-frame sign while campaigning.In Ward 5 there are 7,996 residential properties. In relation to using an A-frame sign for campaigning, Council do not have a concern with a candidate using one provided it is not obstructing pedestrian movement, posing a danger to the public, is only used while campaigning and is not left out unattended.
Marilyn BakerCount of properties/ households by ward.File containing number of residential properties by suburb in each ward sent to all candidates.
Shaun ReardonCan you confirm how many on site car parks will be built as part of the new Ice Rink development?Council is yet to receive a development application for this development. Concept plans viewed by Council indicate that the development will be supported by carparks contained within the development.
Shaun ReardonAs council has already constructed a $8.6 million-dollar, multi-story carpark predominantly for the Ice rink, how many car parking spaces in the councils multi story car park will be required for this new Ice Rink Development?The assertion that the multi-story carpark was constructed predominantly for the Ice rink is incorrect. It was constructed to support development in the broader CBD. No spaces will be allocated in the multi-story car park to support the ice rink development should the development application be consistent with the concepts viewed by Council.
Shaun ReardonIt’s my understanding that this development [Ice Rink] is for an Integrated Sports, Community and Entertainment Precinct incorporating an entertainment arena, gym, restaurant and other supporting tenancies & carparking.Correct.
Shaun ReardonI note that the majority of details about this development [Ice Rink] are currently confidential however as you have already announced this project to the media it would, on balance, be contrary to the public interest to continue to withhold details about this project. The public have the right to know if council’s carpark will now be used as intended, especially considering the operating expenditure assumptions of the carpark that were given to council on the 24th of October 2017 were $844,000 of rate payers dollars per year for a carpark that so far has been nearly empty for 4 years.The Council has delegated to the CEO the ability to release the resolution relating to this development in whole or in part. It is the Council’s expectation that the CEO will exercise this delegation in a way that provides transparency to the public whilst retaining commercially sensitive material.
Peter RentoulisCan a person who does not live in Playford but has multiple properties in Playford vote at each property?Owners of residential properties in Playford who do not live in Playford were required to enroll on the Council supplementary voters roll by 29 July 2022. If they did not enroll by the deadline they will not be eligible to vote in the upcoming election.
Shaun Reardon & Jerome SmithThe verges in Davoren Park are currently being ripped up and replaced with dirt. What is the reason behind this? Are there plans for this to be rolled out in other areas?This work is a Renewal SA project which is replacing the dirt/grass verges with compacted fines.
Rebecca VandepeearIs MacDonald Park on City of Playfords list of hotspots for illegal dumping?The Roads and Stormwater team has a planned approach when collecting illegally dumped rubbish throughout the City of Playford. I can confirm that MacDonald Park is scheduled for weekly inspection and pick up of rubbish. We closely monitor the amount of dumped rubbish and litter in our City and ensure our hotspots are regularly inspected and picked up.
Misty NorrisAre there any plans for playgrounds to be constructed at Grandview Place, Blakeview?Grandview Place is on the most eastern edge of the residential zone that abuts the Hills Face Zone whereby no further development will occur and thus there are no plans for any new playgrounds. Please note that the closet playground is located on the corner of Fleetwood Drive and Camelot Drive. This was constructed in September 2015 which is considerably new and is located centrally.
Andrew CraigWhat is the cost of production, advertising and distributing costs to Council for the Playford News Magazine?City of Playford produces Playford News Magazine three to four times per year. The magazine is a hard-copy publication, delivered to all households in the Playford area and various Council sites, and is also available as an online publication. The magazine helps Council reach all residents with news and information about its services and programs and is also a key way to share stories about the broader Playford community. Production of Playford News Magazine includes: Printing of a full-colour, 32 page publication, walker distribution to urban residents’ letterboxes, direct mail through Australia Post to rural areas, photography (which is repurposed for other communications channels). Cost per edition varies depending on magazine page numbers and quantities printed, which also impacts distribution and postage costs. The cost of production and distribution is approximately $25,000 per edition. Playford News Magazine does not contain third-party advertising.
Rebecca VandepeearWhere can I find the agreement between the developer, Council and State Government about the triggers that release funding for the Heaslip Road Traffic Infrastructure Deed? Does Council have access to all the funding it needs from the Heaslip Road North Infrastructure Deed in order to complete design and construction of footpaths along Heaslip Road, between Angle Vale Road and Woodbridge Drive? I believe this is AV18 on the rolling schedule of works but happy to be corrected.The deed agreements are not currently publicly available documents, however the timing of works as agreed with the Minister is available for public view via the link provided below this entry. Heaslip Road North (AV18) has been scheduled for construction previously however was delayed due to the installation of other services by SA Water. The project is seeking to undertake the commitments in the deed, as well as combine other minor upgrades for the community such as a school crossing and install some additional parking bays and amenity works. Due to price rises over the last 2 years in the construction sector, Council has carefully considered the funding committed and the additional works associated with the project prior to releasing the project to market for Tender. The project is now out for Tender, which will confirm whether the funding previously committed will be enough to complete the project in full. Council has in principle agreement from the Department of Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) to release funds from the Road Deed Fund for that portion of the works, however there have been some administrative matters within DIT, with final documentation has not been forthcoming. We don’t see this as a critical matter holding up the progress of the project at this stage.
Glenn DochertyWhat is the timing of the replacement of the footpath at McKenzie Road?The footpath is currently assessed as condition 3 and is therefore not in the renewal program at this point in time.
Rebecca VandepeearWhat action can Council take to ensure that the old Smithfield Plains School site is better maintained when it encroaches on residents’ private property as it is unfair to have to keep dealing with this when it occurs.Council has a Fire Prevention Officer who actively works with the community providing education and, where necessary, enforcement of the Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005. In this instance, as fire danger season is approaching, Council has inspected the property mentioned and a Section 105F notice under the Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005 has been sent to the property requesting it be cut by 5 November 2022. Outside of fire danger season, general yard maintenance is a matter for landowners. In some situations, Council has other limited powers under the Local Nuisance and Litter Control Act and Public Health Act for Authorised Officers to address serious issues related to unsightly properties, hoarding and squalor conditions. Assessments are made on properties at all times of the year for complaints related to these issues.
Tanya SmiljanicHas there been discussion and if so, what was the outcome for residential homes to have their number painted on their kerb? Is it a free option for residents?City of Playford does not manage or fund this service, however we are aware that some residents or businesses choose to add this additional communication of their property number to the kerb.
Tanya SmiljanicCan I please confirm the rule with respect to the yellow kerb line VS white line in the middle?It is an offence to stop on a solid yellow edged line that has been marked on the side of a road. It is also an offence to park a vehicle on a road should the vehicle be parked less than 3mtrs from a continuous dividing line or dividing strip. It has been noted than in some areas there may be some confusion where the yellow line is not marked to the same length of the solid white line. In these cases Council’s Community Inspectors will try and make contact with the driver of the vehicle or issue a caution instead of an Expiation Notice. Traffic engineers will also consider the need to extend the yellow line to match the white line.
Tanya SmiljanicHas the option of free mulch delivery for residents been discussed previously? Or possibly free mulch pick up?This has been raised with Council before, however, it is not provided as a service as we do not have a surplus supply of mulch that can be provided to the community.
Tanya SmiljanicWhat options are there for trading in 1 or 2 free hard waste vouchers for free green waste vouchers instead? Drop off only for green waste.This has not been offered as it is anticipated to affect a small proportion of residents as most people are able to use the green bin service; and residents with larger properties are able to compost or burn (during appropriate times of year) larger quantities of green waste.
Tanya SmiljanicIs there scope to increase green waste pick up to weekly for 3 months over winter?The capacity to collect additional green waste during winter months is a constraint and challenge across Adelaide. The capacity to find a provider for a short-term seasonal service could be a challenge due to availability of trucks and drivers. A short-term service would also likely come at a higher cost to Council than current green waste collection.
Tanya SmiljanicHas there been discussion on the timeline for the upgrade of the playground/end destination of the Smith Creek Trail at Gloucester Dr, Craigmore?The Smith Creek Trail and Gloucester Drive Reserve are currently in Council’s Open Space Strategy and earmarked within Council’s 4 year development plan (2025/26) subject to Council approval as part of the Annual Business Plan process.
Tanya SmiljanicConfirm the name of the Playground/Reserve at the corner of Gloucester Drive & Chelmsford Street?A number of our reserves can be known by different names, depending on the location, or the interpretation by resident or what is displayed via website searches. City of Playford refer to this reserve as Gloucester Reserve
Tanya SmiljanicWhat is the process of getting a plaque/sign made for the name of the playground/reserve?Council has an annual program to replace missing/ageing signage in reserves. Where a request for a sign is received it will be assessed and prioritised to determine if it can fit within the yearly program.
Tanya SmiljanicI'm tracking the grass for this reserve area is due to be cut early/mid Nov. The grass is extremely long, is there scope to being it forward? I understand that weather & staffing is a consideration.Tractors are cutting the gullies etc around this reserve beginning on 28 October and the reserve itself is programmed to be cut the week beginning 31 October subject to weather conditions.
Tanya SmiljanicIs there scope to create a local park on or around Lachlan Dr, Craigmore, rather than it be an Open Space Corridor?The Lachlan Road linear reserve has recently had a new shared paved footpath constructed in 2021, however there are currently no plans in Council’s Open Space Strategy or 4 YDP to develop it to a local reserve as its function is as a Linear – Open Space Corridor. However, as part of a state government commitment, $400,000 has been allocated for Stage 1 playground and recreational facilities at Dwight Reserve North which will be delivered as a multi stage project. This is currently out for public consultation and would encourage you to have a look at the plans and provide any feedback.
Tanya SmiljanicIs there a timeline for the upgrade of the Tareena St Reserve, Craigmore?Tareena St Reserve is forecast to commence in February 2023 and be completed by June.
Tanya SmiljanicIs there scope to make the Kelly Hill Rd/Kersbrook Rd/Rutland Dr intersection more safe (image attached)? A resident mentioned an addition of a mirror coming out of Kelly Hill Rd would greatly assist.Council currently has no plans to upgrade the mentioned intersection. However, we will review any concerns raised by the local community and asses if there are any safety issues. Council does not support use of mirrors due its maintenance and cleanliness and prone to vandalism.