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Bin collections

Bin Collections

The City of Playford works alongside Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority (NAWMA) to provide waste and recycling services to businesses and residents in Playford.

Visit the NAWMA website for information on bin collection days, which bin to use, reporting a missed bin collection, and organising new bins for your new home.

If you forget what bin week it is, or forget to put the bins out altogether, why not download the My Playford mobile app and set up bin date reminders.

My Playford mobile app can be downloaded for free on your iOS or Android mobile phone by searching “My Playford” in the App Store or Play Store.

Green organics - a new green bin service for 2023/24

The City of Playford has introduced a new opt-in free green bin service.

That means that households can dispose of prunings and cuttings, lawn clippings, twigs and leaves, food scraps, bones, tea leaves, coffee grounds, paper towel and tissues, cardboard pizza boxes and more in a green bin that is collected from your kerbside! Just think ‘if it grows, it goes’. Learn more about what goes in and what stays out here.

The fortnightly green bin collection is processed by Peats into compost to be used at homes and on farms throughout South Australia. It is a great way to reduce the amount of material going to landfill and making sure your food waste goes to good use.

Learn how to Fight Food Waste by clicking here!

Kitchen caddies and bags now available for purchase

While any container can be used to gather food scraps to place into your green bin, a caddy and compostable bags can make it even easier to divert your food scraps into your green bin or compost at home.

Ventilated kitchen caddies and compostable liner bags are now available for purchase at the Civic Centre.

Using a kitchen caddy can make it easier for you to separate your food waste from your general waste.

How much will they cost?

  • A ventilated caddy with a roll of 75 compostable bags is $8.00
  • Replacement rolls of 75 compostable bags are $5.00 each.

Green bin service - frequently asked questions

I don't have a green bin. Where can I get one?

From September 2023, City of Playford residents can obtain a green bin free of charge from NAWMA. More information about the roll out of this new service will be made available soon.

Where can I get a kitchen caddy?

If you already have a green bin and would like a specific bench top bin for your kitchen waste, kitchen caddies and replacement compostable bags can be purchased from the Civic Centre: 10 Playford Boulevard, Elizabeth 5112.

What can I put in my kitchen caddy?

All cooked and raw food scraps can go into your kitchen caddy. This includes all fruit and vegetables including citrus, meat scraps, bones, cheese and yoghurt, spoiled food, seafood, eggshells, teabags, tea leaves, coffee grounds, bread, cooked leftovers and scraps, tissues, paper towels, shredded paper, oily cardboard or paper food containers such as pizza boxes, hair and nail clippings.

How can I reduce smells from my kitchen caddy?

Odours are rarely an issue with a ventilated caddy and bags. However, changing the bag in your kitchen caddy every 2-3 days helps prevent odours.

Can I use compostable liner bags in my closed caddy?

Compostable liner bags are not recommended for closed caddies as they start to break-down and may split when pulled out of closed caddies. Compostable bags are designed to work well with ventilated caddies and smell is not an issue.

Can I use plastic bags in my kitchen caddy?

Never use plastic bags as they contaminate the compost made from the contents of the green bins.

How often should I change the bag in my ventilated kitchen caddy?

After 2 -3 days, tie off the compostable bag and place it in your green bin.

Why is Council charging for kitchen caddies?

The charge covers the cost of the caddies and bags, so ratepayers are not out of pocket, but neither is Council making money from the sale of caddies/bags.

Free Hard-Waste Collections

Residents in Playford can use two free at-call hard-waste pick ups, or hard-waste vouchers, per financial year to dispose their hard-waste items that they cannot place in kerbside bins.

Learn more about the types of items that can be picked up as part of hard-waste collection via the NAWMA website.

Book a hard-waste service or request a hard-waste voucher direct from NAWMA. Please note, home collections may take four to six weeks from the time of booking.

Illegal Dumping

The deliberate disposal of materials onto public or private land is known as illegal dumping, costing the City of Playford community approximately $1 million every year – it also causes environmental damage, while decreasing property value.

What are the penalties?

Illegal dumping is a criminal offence, with penalties of an up to $1,000 on-the-spot fine. For serious offences, dumping can attract fines of up to $120,000 or imprisonment for two years.

To submit a request to Council:

To report an issue or lodge a request for service:

Abandoned Trolleys

Abandoned shopping trolleys make our streets and public spaces look untidy, and can also create unsafe situations for motorists and pedestrians. Help keep our community looking tidy by returning shopping trolleys to the nearest trolley collection bay or report for collection using the methods below.

Disposing of other waste items

Many items can be deposited at the Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority (NAWMA)’s Resource Recovery Centre free of charge:

Visit NAWMA’s website for a full list. If you have standard household batteries lying around, these can be placed in a battery drop-off bucket at Council libraries.

E-waste, such as televisions and computers, can be disposed of at your local Bunnings or Officeworks stores.

Asbestos is a hazardous item that must be disposed of appropriately. Council takes inappropriate disposal of asbestos seriously, as it can pose a significant health risk to the community.