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Mayor and Councillors

Ward One Councillors

Ward Two Councillors

Ward Three Councillors

Ward Four Councillors

Ward Five Councillors

Whole Council Group shot
Back (from left): Cr Gay Smallwood-Smith, Cr Andrew Craig, Cr Misty Norris, Cr Marilyn Baker, Cr Katrina Stroet, Cr Chantelle Karlsen, Cr Clint Marsh, Cr Jane Onuzans, Cr David Kerrison. Front (from left): Cr Zahra Bayani, Cr Shirley Halls, Cr Rebecca Vandepeear, Mayor Glenn Docherty, Cr Peter Rentoulis, Cr Tanya Smiljanic, Cr Akram Arifi.

External Boards and Representation

Council Members may be appointed to external boards and other representations. To view a full list of the external boards and other representations City of Playford's Council Members sit on, please click the link below.

Councillor Allowances

The Remuneration Tribunal of South Australia determines mayor and councillor allowances. Section 76 of the Local Government Act 1999 requires the Tribunal to make a four-yearly allowance determination, which must occur at least 14 days before election nominations close. These are then adjusted each November.

The following allowances for City of Playford (Group 1B Council) reflect the determination as of 12 November 2023:

  • The annual allowance for a councillor is $24,175
  • The annual allowance for a councillor who is a deputy mayor, or presiding member is one-and-a-quarter times the annual allowance for councillors, being $30,219
  • The annual allowance for the mayor is four times the annual allowance for Councillors, being $96,700

The Council Member Allowance and Benefits Register may be viewed on the Council Member Registers and Returns · City of Playford page.

Behavioural Management Policy

In accordance with Section 262B of the Local Government Act 1999, Council must prepare and adopt a policy relating to the management of behaviour of members of the Council. Members are required to adhere to the Behavioural Standards (replacing the Code of Conduct for Council Members) established by the Minister for Local Government which specify standards of behaviour to be observed by members of councils; and providing for any other matter relating to behaviour of Members of Councils.

The adopted Behavioural Management Policy and Procedure for City of Playford Council Members can be found on the Policies and Procedures · City of Playford page.

The gazetted behavioural standards can be viewed here.