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Nuisance Animals and Pests

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Nuisance Animals

We understand some animals can pose more of a nuisance than others, as they annoy not only the neighbours but the community. While investigations into these animals can be lengthy and difficult to resolve, the Council must determine and document the level of nuisance before investigating further.

In the first instance, when a complaint is made about nuisance caused by an animal, we will contact that animal owner and make them aware of the complaint and provide them an opportunity to resolve it themselves. If after this period the alleged nuisance has not been resolved, you will be issued with a nuisance animal form. You may be required to complete the form for a minimum of 7 days and return that form to us so that we can document and assess the level of nuisance before we investigate any further.


While we encourage our residents to own and manage their pets, the City of Playford’s By-Law limits cat ownership to two cats per property. We recommend that cat owners get their pets desexed, give them identification (your name & number), and is kept on your property to prevent breeding or harming wildlife. New legislation makes it compulsory to ID your cat by microchip - if found without ID it may be trapped and removed.

For more information on responsible cat ownership, please visit the Dog and Cat Board guide to owning a cat.

Nuisance cats

Complaints for nuisance cats can only be investigated if the address of the cat’s home is identified.

If there is no ID or 'M' tattooed in the ear of the cat (indicating that it has been microchipped), contact the Animal Welfare League on 8348 1300.

Pest Control

Certain animals and insects can be classified as pests, including rats, mosquitoes, cockroaches and pigeons. While these pests may be a nuisance and health risk, Council cannot remove pests from private property. However, we can supply you with information to assist you with the prevention or removal of pest activity.

If you have any concerns about pest activity at a home or business near you, a condition that is attracting pests (such as squalor or rubbish build-up), or if you notice European wasps or bees on Council property, notify Council by calling us 8256 0333 to launch an investigation.