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Public Health Services

Beauty, Hair and Skin Businesses

Hairdressers, beauty salons, tattooists, body piercers and acupuncturists must operate in a safe and hygienic way, in accordance with:

  • Guidelines on the standards of practice for hairdressing
  • Safe practices for tattooing and body piercing

To ensure these businesses do not pose a risk to public health, they are routinely inspected by City of Playford’s Environmental Health Officers (EHOs).

It is a requirement that all hairdressing, beauty treatment and skin penetration businesses are registered with City of Playford. To register please complete and return the Hair, Beauty & Skin Penetration form below.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to call us on (08) 8256 0333, or contact us directly at:

High-Risk Manufactured Water Systems (HRMWS)

High-Risk Manufactured Water Systems (HRMWS) such as cooling towers and warm-water systems can be susceptible to legionella. They must be:

  • Registered with Council and renewed every 12 months (relevant forms are listed below)
  • Inspected annually by a qualified auditor at the cost of the business owner
What are your responsibilities as an owner?
  • Supply each inspection report to Council within one month of receiving it
  • Notify Council within 24 hours and submit a Legionella Notification Form (below) if the report indicates any detection of legionella at:
    • 10 cfu/mL or greater in a water sample from a warm-water system, or
    • 1000 cfu/mL or greater in a water sample from a cooling-water system

Proper maintenance of water treatment will decrease the chance of legionella being in a HRMWS and will therefore reduce the risk of people contracting Legionnaire’s Disease.

For more information please contact the Environmental Health Team on 8256 0333, or email

Sharps Disposal

Syringes and needles are considered biomedical waste and cannot be disposed of in normal household bin of any kind. Sharps and sharps containers must not go into your household rubbish, recycling bins or green waste bins.

What do I do if I find a needle?

If you find a needle, DO NOT attempt to pick it up yourself. If a needle is found on public property contact City of Playford Customer Contact on 8256 0333 to organise safe removal.

We cannot arrange removal on private property, however we can discuss the matter with the home owners and seek their assistance to arrange removal.

Does Council provide sharps disposal?

The City of Playford provides our residents a free sharps disposal service. Council’s residents can dispose of their used needles and syringes at the sharps bin, located in the northern carpark of the City of Playford Operations Centre: 12 Bishopstone Road, Davoren Park.

Used needles and syringes must be placed into a rigid walled container prior to disposing into the sharps bin. This service is for Playford residents only and businesses that have sharps waste must dispose of them through a licensed waste-control company.

There are small sharps collection containers located in Council public toilets at the NSS Skate Park and Fremont Reserve for the safe disposal of individual needles and syringes.

Where else can I dispose of sharps?

Other non-Playford Council sharps container disposal outlets include:

  • Anglicare SA – Elizabeth Mission
  • Shine SA – Davoren Park
  • Uniting Communities – Smithfield
Where can I find more information?

SA Health has useful information on their website regarding the Drug and Alcohol Services SA (DASSA) Clean Needle Program. Playford residents may wish to contact DASSA on 1300 131 340 for details of their nearest sharps disposal outlet.

Where can I purchase a sharps container?

Sharps containers can be purchased through Officeworks, pharmacies and local health service providers located within Playford area.

Reporting Hoarding and Squalor

Domestic squalor refers to households that are extremely cluttered, in a filthy condition, and where the build-up of items (eg, rubbish, recyclables, excrement or decomposing food) creates an environment that puts the health and wellbeing of people at risk.

In the interests of public health, Environmental Health Officers will investigate reported concerns about persons living in squalor in the community.

If you have concerns about a neighbour, friend or relative living in a condition of squalor, families and sufferers can access information and resources by visiting Junction Australia’s website.

To submit a request to Council:

To report an issue or lodge a request for service: