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Wetlands and Water Initiatives

Waterproofing Playford

Waterproofing Playford is a water-security program that provides recycled water for irrigation across the City of Playford. It includes five wetland sites that collect and treat stormwater, which is stored in underground aquifers and used for irrigation purposes during summer months.


There are a series of wetlands located on Smith Creek – they are maintained by City of Playford to a very high standard that increases the beauty of the local environment, while providing recreational opportunities for the community.

Wetlands are a key component of Council's recycled water business as they assist in collecting and treating stormwater.

Recycled Water

The Recycled Water Scheme supports a number of Council strategies by improving Playford's appearance, providing environmental sustainability and supporting the development of Adelaide’s Northern CBD.

The recycled water is distributed to an increasing number of sporting clubs, reserves, community and school ovals across the City of Playford.