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Rates policy

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Our Rating Policy is a strategy to make sure council rates are charged across the Playford community along with the methods and timeframes for collection of rates.

The policy deals with specific issues such as:

  • Method used to value land
  • Structure of rates - how rates will be imposed across the community (general rates, differential rates, fixed charges, etc)
  • Payment dates
  • Late payment fees
  • Options for rate relief

This policy does not set the amount of rate revenue to be collected, as that is determined by the Annual Business Plan which is adopted each year.

Single Farm Enterprise

If your land use has been defined as primary production on two or more rate notices, you may be entitled to be considered as a single-farm enterprise.

Refer to the Fact Sheet and if you wish to apply, please complete the Application for Single Farm Enterprise document below.

Contiguous Land (adjoining land)

Contiguous land (adjoining land) are parcels of land which abut (touch) one another or are separated only by certain types of public land.

If two or more pieces of your rateable land are contiguous, you may be eligible for a reduction in the fixed charge component of your annual rates, meaning you only pay one fixed charge across all applicable properties.

Please review the Contiguous Land Fact Sheet to understand if your property meets the criteria, and let us know if you think you may be eligible by phoning 8254 4644 or emailing