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Bringing the vision to life

While bringing the CBD vision to life is an exciting project, it is backed by a comprehensive framework to support its delivery. Stringent evaluation, probity and governance processes are in place to ensure that only developments within Council's vision and guiding principles are considered.

CBD Development Process

Expressions of Interest (EOI) - Completed October 2021
An EOI is an approach to the market seeking partners to deliver the vision for the CBD. The EOI closed on 11 October and will help Council understand how much interest the market has in partnering to deliver the vision for the CBD. It is a non-binding step as no commitments or contracts are entered into at this point.

Evaluation of EOI submissions - Completed November 2021
The evaluation of submissions will be conducted by an Evaluation Panel that is comprised of internal and external specialists. Evaluation is conducted within a formal Probity Framework that ensures the highest standards of fairness, integrity and honesty in the process. The Probity Framework also ensures confidentiality, protection of the intellectual property of submissions and the process being monitored by an independent probity advisor. Submissions are assessed against the vision, guiding principles and evaluation criteria.

Recommendation to Council - Tuesday 30 November, 2021
The Evaluation Panel will make a recommendation to Council on which of the submissions should be invited to provide a detailed proposal following its EOI.

Council decision - Tuesday 30 November, 2021
Council will consider the recommendation from the Evaluation Panel and make a decision on next steps including which, if any, submissions should be invited to proceed to the next stage and provide a detailed proposal. Council will decide which developer/s will be invited to submit a detailed proposal, explaining how they will achieve a thriving mixed-use destination while addressing built form, the environment and other considerations.

Select preferred partner(s)
Detailed designs will be reviewed and assessed, with Council selecting the successful partner(s) to continue the work. A vital part of this step is talking to the community about public realm design.

Council signs with partner(s)
When it is confident the plans deliver on the vision, the Council will enter into a contract with the partner(s). Only then will any construction occur, recognizing that there are also a number of development considerations, such as traffic management and the creation of allotments that will need to be resolved.

Guiding Principles

The project's Guiding Principles provide the criteria details which will assist the Council in determining the appropriate development to achieve its vision. The guiding principles are:

Can the tenderer deliver the project in collaborative partnership with Council, in a timely manner?

Catalytic outcomes
To attract and encourage various activities within the CBD and to develop future investments within the region.

Place making and activation
How the developer plans to enhance streetscapes and urban quality, alongside driving day time and night time activation.

High Quality Urban Design and Sustainability
Delivering the highest standard of urban design while leaving innovative, sustainable principles both through construction and ongoing maintenance.

Council's Role

The Council is the final decision maker and will decide whether to move forward at key phases in the project. Council is seeking partners that are willing to fully fund the development of the CBD via private investment, rather than Council funding the development.

Proposed revocation of community land

The City of Playford is proposing revocation of the Community Land classification on parcels within the core CBD site, as well as allotments along Main North Road in Elizabeth and Elizabeth East (also known as "the windbreaks" or "Gateway" sites). Council has not yet made a decision to revoke community land status.

At the Special Council Meeting on Tuesday 30 November, Council will discuss the proposals received and how they relate to the proposed revocation of community land in the CBD precinct and along the Main North Road windbreaks.

The Council has applied to the Minister seeking approval to proceed with the land revocation process and proceed with approving a final revocation without the Minister’s approval.

To learn more about the proposed revocation process see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Current Status

As at 26 November, 2021

The process of evaluating submissions received during the EOI has been completed.

On Tuesday 30 November, a Special Council Meeting will be held for Council to consider the recommended submissions and decide which proponents will be invited to the next stage of the project – providing detailed submissions of their proposals.

The Special Council Meeting will be held in confidence. As this is a competitive process, reviewing the submissions in confidence will ensure Council gets the best result for the community and best value outcomes for ratepayers.

Next Steps

  1. Council decision (Confidential Special Council Meeting, Tuesday 30 November, 2021)
  2. Selection of preferred developer(s)
  3. Council signs with the developer(s)