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Bringing the vision to life

While bringing the CBD vision to life is an exciting project, it is backed by a comprehensive framework to support its delivery. Stringent evaluation, probity and governance processes are in place to ensure that only developments within Council's vision and guiding principles are considered.

Guiding Principles

The project's Guiding Principles provide the criteria details which will assist the Council in determining the appropriate development to achieve its vision. The guiding principles are:

Can the tenderer deliver the project in collaborative partnership with Council, in a timely manner?

Catalytic outcomes
To attract and encourage various activities within the CBD and to develop future investments within the region.

Place making and activation
How the developer plans to enhance streetscapes and urban quality, alongside driving day time and night time activation.

High Quality Urban Design and Sustainability
Delivering the highest standard of urban design while leaving innovative, sustainable principles both through construction and ongoing maintenance.

Council's Role

The Council is the final decision maker and will decide whether to move forward at key phases in the project. Council is seeking partners that are willing to fully fund the development of the CBD via private investment, rather than Council funding the development.

Project Update

As at May 2022

The transformation of the Elizabeth CBD into a thriving retail, business and entertainment precinct continues to make solid progress.

After focusing the project in 2021, Council has followed a stringent and thorough process to ensure any developments within the CBD are consistent with the vision and the community’s aspirations for a vibrant and active city centre.

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