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Stebonheath Road Upgrade

Council is currently upgrading Stebonheath Road, between Curtis and Fradd East roads, Munno Para West.

The upgrade commenced in May 2022 and the road opened for use in December 2023.

The project involved a complex upgrade from rural road to urban collector standard.

During construction access to Stebonheath Road has been limited and we thank residents and commuters for their patience.

Stebonhead Road access changes

Update - December 2023

Stebonheath Road is now open to traffic in both directions. Speed restrictions and some traffic management is still in place while final elements of the project are completed.

Update - 14 August 2023

From Monday 14 August, Stebonheath Road will be closed to traffic between Clare Mews and Fradd East Road.

This closure is to allow for excavation and service relocation works to take place, before final stormwater installations for the project are completed.

The closure is expected to be for approximately 2-3 weeks and detours are in place.

Update - 05 July 2023

Work are progressing well onsite, with preparation for kerbing currently underway between Chellaston and Fradd East Roads.

Landscaping is also well underway with new trees being planted along the road. Footpath installation on the western side of the road will commence in coming weeks, with the project on track for winter completion, weather dependent.

Update - 10 May 2023

Chellaston Road in Munno Para West will be closed from Wednesday 10 May until Friday 19 May 2023 to allow for stormwater installation and road construction as part of the Stebonheath Road Upgrade. Detours will be signed and will use Brandis Road and Burwood Road, or Peerless Road and Lakeland Road.

Peerless Road remains open in one direction only (west bound), at the intersection with Stebonheath Road. Motorists can access Peerless Road from Stebonheath Road but cannot exit from Peerless onto Stebonheath Road.

Stebonheath Road kerbing work scheduled for this week has been delayed by one week as a result of wet weather. This means there is minimal construction activity on site this week.

Our contractor has confirmed that this delay will not impact the return of driveway access to residents, which is still on track for early June.

It is important to note that this delay does not mean we can reinstate temporary ramps to provide driveway access to residents as this will impact the prepared base surface and extend the timeline for kerb installation.

We apologise for the ongoing inconvenience and assure you that works are proceeding as quickly as possible.

Update - 3 May 2023

Residents along Stebonheath Road from Curtis Road to Chellaston Road will lose access to their driveway until 1 June.

Update - 14 April 2023

On 17 April, Stebonheath Road will be closed in both directions between Brandis Road and Clare Mews to allow for service relocation works.

The closure is expected to be in place for 1 day and traffic controllers will allow access for residents within the closure area.

Detours will be in place with signs directing motorists to the detour route.

Update - 01 March 2023

We understand that this major construction work is causing temporary inconvenience to local residents and the broader community, including noise, dust and travel delays. Council is working with the contractor to ensure the impact of construction is minimised, while still allowing efficient progress, so that the community can enjoy the long-term benefits of this major upgrade. Works are due for full completion in winter 2023.

Traffic controls
To ensure the safety of the community, as well as contractors working onsite, traffic and other access controls are in place. This includes periodic road closures and the diversion of traffic onto temporary roadways, in order to avoid complete closure of the road.

Dust from construction is managed under strict EPA guidelines. The following measures are in place to minimise dust from the site:

  • Regular damping down of the access road with a water cart
  • 25kmph speed limit (higher speeds generate more dust)
  • Diversion of traffic to alternative routes
  • Frequent inspection of the temporary roadway to ensure it remains in a safe condition for the posted speed
Update - 20 February 2023

Kerbing and stormwater infrastructure are being installed on Stebonheath Road and service authorities, like Telstra, will be on site this week to relocate services. People can expect more traffic management to accommodate for the service authorities.

We are working closely with service authorities to minimise the disruption to traffic as much as possible however service authorities do not require council permission to implement traffic management systems and may not provide notice to Council prior to this occurring.

Update - 01 February 2023
  • Traffic management personnel will be stationed at the intersection of Curtis and Andrews Roads at peak morning and afternoon periods to aid the flow of traffic.
  • Council will continue to monitor the effectiveness of the controls and will make further adjustments if required.
Update - 31 January 2023

Stebonheath Road remains closed to south bound traffic.

Road pavement construction and kerb installation is underway at the northern end with underground stormwater infrastructure being installed at the southern end.

Update - December 2022

What detours are currently in place?

As of December 2022, Stebonheath Road is open in one direction only with only northbound traffic allowed from Curtis Road to Fradd East Road.

Traffic between Curtis Road and Fradd East Road will now be travelling on a newly constructed section of the road.

Speed restrictions are in place to provide a safe environment for road users and contractors working on the upgrade.

I live on Stebonheath Road. Can I turn right out of my driveway?

As the road is one way, you will only be able to turn left out of your property or side street. You can only enter your property or side street by turning left from Stebonheath Road. Streets at the end of your block will connect you to the detour route.

Can I park out the front of my house?

During construction, portions of road reserve in front of properties will be used for traffic flows along Stebonheath Road. This means that you may not be able to park on the verge in front of your property.

Indented, parallel car parking is part of the final design of the upgrade and will provide additional onstreet parking for residents and visitors.

Are pedestrian footpaths still operational?

Yes, but some pedestrian footpaths may be closed at times. Please be mindful of construction areas and follow appropriate instructions.

Are bins still being collected on Stebonheath Road?

Yes. NAWMA continues to collect kerbside waste. Property owners are required to put bins on the edge of the new road for collection.

Is public transport still operating?

Public transport will be operational on bus Stop 77J and 77I only on Stebonheath Road, heading north.

Update - 29 November 2022

Stebonheath Road Traffic Update: Curtis Road to Chellaston Road - December 2022

All traffic on Stebonheath Road will only be able to travel Northbound from Curtis Road to Chellaston Road. From Chellaston Road, no traffic will be allowed to travel Southbound towards Curtis Road on Stebonheath Road. Please refer to the attached traffic detour mud map.

I live on Stebonheath Road. Can I turn right out of my street?

As the road is one way, you will only be able to turn left out of your property/street and to enter your property/street turning left. Streets at the end of your block will connect you to the detour route.

What detour route will be in place?

Please refer to the map below.

Are pedestrian footpaths still operational?

Yes, but some pedestrian footpaths may be closed at times. Please be mindful of construction areas and follow appropriate instructions.

As a resident/ business owner, please push your bins to the edge of the new road in front of your property.

Public transport will be operational on bus Stop 77J and 77I only on Stebonheath Road, heading North.

Stebonheath Detour Map_Dec22
Update - 29 September 2022

Due to increased traffic on detour roads, there will be no right turns on to Curtis Road from Ponderosa Road.

Stebonheath Road is now closed to southbound traffic between Chellaston Road and Curtis Road. Access remains available for local traffic.

Southbound and northbound traffic between Chellaston and Curtis Roads will be detoured via Ponderosa Road and Lakeland Road.

We anticipate this road closure will be in place until October. During this time, there may be increased traffic on detour roads.

This closure has been implemented to address safety concerns.

Stebonheath Road detour

Update - 24 August 2022

From Wednesday 24 August there will be changes to temporary road closures as works progress on the upgrade of Stebonheath Road at Munno Para.

Stebonheath Road will be closed to northbound traffic between Chellaston Road and Curtis Road until October. Northbound traffic is being detoured via Ponderosa Road and Lakeland Road.

These traffic management arrangements aim to minimise disruption to road users as much as possible while enabling work to be undertaken safely.

Update - 18 July 2022

Stebonheath Road Closure

Stebonheath Road will be closed to traffic in both directions from Curtis Road to Peerless Road.

This Closure will commence on Monday 18 July and be in place until Saturday 23 July. Detours will be in place via Ponderosa Road.

Residents will still be able to access this area. In an effort to minimise disruption, this work has been bought forward to align with school holidays.

Throughout the duration of the Stebonheath Road Upgrade, traffic conditions will be frequently changing. If you live or travel through this area regularly, we encourage you to check this page for detour updates.

Stebonheath Road closure

Update - 30 May 2022

Fradd East Road to Keane Avenue

Monday 30 May to August 2022

Stebonheath Road will be closed between Fradd East Road and Keane Avenue, Munno Para, until mid-August 2022 to enable stormwater infrastructure to be installed.

Traffic diversions are via Keane Avenue, Olympic Way and Fradd East Road.

This is a separate project to the Stebonheath Road upgrade and forms part of the Playford North Extension East Growth Area Regional Stormwater Strategy.

The project will provide drainage to new developments north of Fradd East Road.

Fra East Road to Keane Avenue
Will I lose access to my driveway?

Yes, access to driveways along Stebonheath Road will be restricted for a period of time while road building activities take place in front of properties. Council's contractor will liaise directly with residents regarding the changes.

Frequently asked questions

When will work be completed?

The project is scheduled to be completed in autumn 2024.

Why is this project necessary?

The road is below standard for a busy urban area and needs improving as a priority to meet demand.

What will be done to prevent dust and control noise during construction?

Water trucks will dampen the road to reduce dust in the area. Work will be undertaken between 7am and 5pm Monday to Friday to reduce the impact of noise on residents out of working hours. Should out of hours or weekend work be required we will endeavour to advise residents in advance.

Will emergency vehicles be able to access properties during construction?

Yes. Construction will be managed to permit full access by emergency vehicles. Emergency services will receive traffic management plans in advance of construction work.

Will I be able to access my driveway when work is underway?

Yes. We are working with the contractors to minimise disruptions to local residents, including ensuring people have access to their driveways.

Why are bike paths and footpaths included?

The City of Playford has responded to the community’s requests for improved footpaths and cycling paths. This supports City of Playford’s Cycling and Walking Strategy.

Will the central median strip mean residents can’t turn directly across the road into their driveways?

The central median strip has been installed to improve safety by separating traffic into two distinct lanes and preventing dangerous overtaking and turning. Roundabouts will be installed to ensure people only have to travel a short distance to turn onto the other side of the road to access their driveway.

Will a connection be provided to link through to Newton Boulevard?

The upgrade will enable a connection to be built to Newton Boulevard. The intersections have been designed to cater for the expected increased traffic flow when the connection is built, which will be undertaken by Renewal SA following an announcement by the state government in September 2023. Read more about the Newton Boulevard connection here.

What part of the road has already been improved?

Upgrades to Stebonheath Road between Roseworthy Drive and Curtis Road, Andrews Farm, were completed in November 2020.

How is funding the project?

The project is funded by:

  • City of Playford
  • State Government through the Local Government Infrastructure Partnership Program
  • Federal Government through Local Roads and Community Infrastructure, Supplementary Local Roads and Roads to Recovery

Project cost is approximately $12 million.

Project information

The Stebonheath Road project involves a complex upgrade from rural road to urban collector standard. This means that significant works are required over and above Council’s typical road reconstruction process. This includes:

  • Installation of underground stormwater infrastructure
  • Installation of kerbing
  • Significant earthworks to shape the road in order for these new kerbs to convey stormwater
  • Increased pavement thickness to cater for increased traffic loads
  • Significant third-party service relocations

What is included in the upgrade?

  • New carriageway
  • Bike lanes
  • Four roundabouts
  • Street lighting
  • Central median strip
  • Footpaths on both sides of the road
  • More than 300 new street trees
  • Water sensitive urban design used to irrigate many new trees
  • Underground stormwater infrastructure
  • Significant upgrades in visual amenity

Further information

Stebonheath Road project team: T: 8256 0333 or E: