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Walking and Cycling

Mayfair Ride Safe Park

Your children can learn to ride their bikes and scooters, while becoming familiar with road rules, in a safe enviornment. The Mayfair Ride Safe Park at Andrews Farm was designed with the help of local children and families, who also designed and painted the art poles at the facility.

The Mayfair Ride Safe Park features:

  • Sealed roadways
  • Miniature road signs
  • Line markings, intersections and pedestrian crossings
  • Art poles designed and painted by local children
  • Pretend petrol station and school house
  • Natural elements such as rocks and logs to sit on and climb

The Mayfair Ride Safe Park was a collaboration between the City of Playford, OPAL and Anglicare SA Playford Communities for Children Plus.

Cycling and Walking Strategy

It is important to live an active and healthy lifestyle, and while working as a great mode of transport, the Cycling and Walking Strategy explores how the City of Playford encourages and supports cycling and walking into the future as part of the local transport system.

While currently unfunded, these projects are a blueprint on how we would like to see the City of Playford’s cycling and walking trail network expanded into the future.

Walking Trails

Walking trails are a great way to keep active on a safe path within parks and reserves around Playford. We maintain the infrastructure of these trails including Jo Gapper Park and the Smith Creek Trail.

SA government-managed Para Wirra Recreational Park and the privately managed Humbug Scrub Wildlife Sanctuary, also include networks of walking trails for your walking pleasure.