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Fremont Park

  • Accessible Carparks
  • Basketball
  • BBQ
  • Bin
  • Bridge
  • Cycling Trail
  • Drinking Fountain
  • Exercise Area or Gym Equipment
  • Grassed Play Area
  • Lake
  • Lights
  • Nature Reserve
  • Off-Street Car Parking
  • Park Bench
  • Paved Path
  • Picnic Table
  • Playground
  • Shelter
  • Toilets
  • Walking Trail
  • Watercourse
  • Changing Places
Corner of Yorketown Road & Main North Road, Elizabeth East
Playground equipment:
All Abilities Play, Climbing, Monkey Bars, Slide, Swings, Tic-Tac-Toe, Communications Board
Playground suitability:
0-3 years, 3-5 years, 5-12 years
Dog suitability:

Fremont Park is one of the City's most beautiful recreation and leisure facilities. Centrally located near the Elizabeth City Centre, this picturesque park features a large lake with fountain and waterfalls, two playgrounds, including all-ability play equipment, basketball court, an exercise gym, a gazebo and plenty of shady green spaces. The all-ability play space has also recently been upgraded with shade sails which will provide safer and more comfortable play on mild to moderate sunny days for the carousel, spinning top, climbing/spinning rope tower, hamster wheel, hurricane swing, Liberty Swing, slide and climbing steps.

The all-abilities area also boasts a couple of Playford firsts:

  • Communication Board - which makes communication more accessible at playground for people who have difficulty communicating their message with speech. This could include a person with a communication disability, a small child, or someone who speaks a different language to their peers. View our communications board.
  • Changing Places facility - including a height adjustable change table and ceiling hoist to provide suitable facilities for people who cannot use standard accessible toilets. It is available only to those with an authorised Master Locksmith Access Key (MLAK). Click here to learn more about MLAK.

Fremont Park is a great place to relax, train, play sport, do yoga, ride your bike, walk the dog, enjoy a barbecue and have fun with your family.

Feeding Ducks and Other Birds

Please DO NOT feed the ducks at parks, reserves and playgrounds in the City of Playford.

Native ducks and other birds that live on water stay healthy by eating foods like aquatic plants, seeds, grasses and insects.

Many foods that humans like to eat, including bread, can be harmful to native ducks and birds and can make them sick. Uneaten food can also contaminate the water and encourage vermin and foxes to the area.

Rather than feeding the ducks, there are other ways you can enjoy them in their native habitat, such as:

  • Count the ducks that you can see
  • Identify the different bird species
  • Help look after their environment by picking up rubbish
  • Taking photographs

Read more about feeding wildlife at the South Australian Department for Environment and Water's website.

Spa Ao 181220 Fremontpark Pano 144047
A panoramic image of Fremont Park in Elizabeth
Spa Ao 181220 Fremontpark Pano 144241
A panoramic image of Fremont Park in Elizabeth


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