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FOGO Green Organics Bin Rollout - Frequently Asked Questions

A green organics service is an important part of Council’s commitment to creating a more sustainable Playford. Most people tend not to think of food scraps and garden waste as having an adverse impact on the environment because they are biodegradable. However, when food scraps and garden waste end up in landfill they create methane, a greenhouse gas with 21 times the warming potential of carbon dioxide (CO2).

By introducing a green waste service, the material is professionally processed and recycled into compost-based products such as soil conditioners, mulches, garden soils and potting mixes.

How does it work?

If the property does not already have a FOGO bin, residents can register to receive a 240L or 140L green bin, kitchen caddy and first bag of compostable bags (delivered).

  • Registrations for new green bins are open from 4 September 2023
  • Registrations are via NAWMA (either through online form or calling 8259 2100)

Are there any costs involved?

There are no fees involved.

When residents run out of compostable bin liners or require a replacement kitchen caddy, they can be purchased from the Elizabeth Civic Centre or Stretton Library.

  • Replacement roll of 75 bags $5.40
  • Ventilated kitchen caddy with one roll of 75 bags $9

Compostable bin liners are also available from major supermarkets. Please be careful to only use compostable corn starch bin liners, plastic bin liners cannot go in the green organics bin.

When will my green organic bin be delivered?

When residents register, they will be advised of the delivery time for the green organic bin and it will be delivered to the property, together with a kitchen caddy and first roll of compostable bin liners.

When will my green organic bin be collected?

The green bin is collected fortnightly on the alternate week to recycling (yellow-lidded bin) collection.

More information about collections can viewed online at or contact NAWMA’s Customer Centre on 8259 2100.

I already have a green bin, will you refund the cost?

Refunds are not provided for bins that have already been purchased. However this new program means that should a resident require a replacement green bin due to it being damaged or stolen – it is now provided as part of the standard kerbside service.

I already have a green bin, can I get a free kitchen caddy and liners?

This program is for only for residents who do not already have a green bin.

If existing green bin users require a replacement kitchen caddy, they can be purchased from the Elizabeth Civic Centre or Stretton Library.

Tips to make sure green organics bin smells okay:

  • Hose / wash your bin after each collection day.
  • Sprinkle your green bin or bag with baking soda or organic laundry detergent before you put anything in it. Add more of this natural deodorizer as you add more waste.
  • If you can separate layers of wet organic waste (don’t pile tons of it on itself) with “clean” dry waste like grass clippings, leaves or old pizza boxes
  • When tossing animal products away – like meat, fish, cheese or fat scraps – wrap them in newspaper first.
  • If you’re going through your fridge to clean it, try to time this around the organic waste pick-up day so that it’s not left in a bin for too long.
  • Always ensure the green bin is closed tight and is somewhere shady and as cool as possible.