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Playford Sports Network - Child Safe Officer Training

Playford Sports Network - Child Safe Officer Training
Wednesday 8th May at 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Ridley Central
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Community Organisations

The City of Playford is pleased to have the Office for Recreation and Sport (ORS) consultant Mike Fenwick run a Child Safe Officer Training session for our local sporting clubs.

A Child Safe Officer at your club is vital to promote the message that keeping children safe is everyone's responsibility. Every club must work towards minimising risk to children and the Child Safe Officer helps to ensure everyone is aware of the club's policies and procedures to support this goal.

The training provided by ORS assists the Child Safe Officer to:

  • understand the importance for organisations to adopt appropriate screening processes for members working with young children and young people and the requirement for criminal history assessments
  • understand how and why child protection needs to be included in an organisation's or group's Member Protection Policy (MPP), or for a separate Child Protection Policy to be implemented if they do not have a MPP
  • understand the definitions and indicators of child abuse and neglect
  • acquire knowledge and understanding of the requirement under the Children's Protection Act 1993 of the legal responsibilities of staff and volunteers working with children
  • have a broad knowledge of the Child Abuse Report Line processes and procedures

This course is a one evening, three hour face-to-face training held at Ridley Central Building in Elizabeth. Prior to attending this training you must complete the online training in Child Protection and Harassment and Discrimination on


Ridley Central

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