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This is Wendy

This is Wendy
Published 22 June 2020
Wendy, Playford’s Home Library Officer, never anticipated she would be celebrating 24 years with the City of Playford’s Library Service when she first applied for the role, yet her friendly face has become a staple of the Library.

“A friend of mine encouraged me to put my resume in for the role at the the old library in Elizabeth,” recalls Wendy.

“At first I thought she was mad because there was no way they would want me, I am too rowdy!”

A week after handing in her resume Wendy started working as a volunteer, and three weeks later she secured a casual position with the Library team.

Fast forward almost 24 years later and Wendy is responsible for the Home Library service which provides library resources to Playford residents who are unable to physically access the Library.

Each month Wendy delivers resources such as books, DVDs, CDs and audio books to 118 residents from across Playford.

“However the service is more than just delivering library resources. I visit these people once a month, most often stopping in to have a chat, so you naturally develop a relationship with your borrowers.”

According to Wendy the best part of her role is going out and visiting community, making sure everyone’s ok and connecting them to additional Council services where appropriate.

I look forward to coming to work every day. It’s a great place to work and we are like a big family at the Library.

A local Playford resident since 1984, Wendy can’t imagine living anywhere else.

“Playford is a nice place to be. We have a strong community spirit, people are friendly and genuinely care.”

Outside of work Wendy enjoys staying active and healthy, with the help of her two grandchildren.

“We go bushwalking every weekend and love it! We explore different hiking paths, and Para Wirra is a favourite within Playford.”

In September Wendy will celebrate 24 years with the City of Playford Library Service, however for Wendy it’s more than ‘just a job.’

“You feel like you are helping people, providing connections and support to people who may be vulnerable or isolated. It’s what makes working at the Library the best job because it’s so fulfilling and rewarding.”

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For Wendy the best part of her role is going out and visiting the community.

Home Library Service

The Home Library Service is available to Playford residents dealing with short or long-term difficulties caused by illness, age, frailty or disability. To learn more contact the Library on 8256 0333 or email

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