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Red25 Blood Donation Challenge

Red25 Blood Donation Challenge
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    Are you ready to get your blood pumping?
    Until 30 September, City of Playford is taking part in the Councils Blood Challenge.

    Playford Council staff won the most donations in SA/NT last year during the Red25 challenge, as well as the most 'new' donations for SA/NT - this year we're inviting the entire community to join our council team and really make a difference.

    Your blood and plasma donations help Australians when they need it most. Some need it to get through cancer or a difficult pregnancy. Others have medical conditions which mean they need blood products regularly to stay healthy.

    We can use our community goodwill and #PlayfordPride to save lives - and it's as easy as... 1, 2, 3, Give!

    1. Register a blood donor account online if you don’t already have one.
    2. Join our Red25 group by following the link in the top right corner after you’ve logged in—just search our group name 'City of Playford' and add yourself to our group.
    3. Book an appointment and donate. Every donation you make goes toward our group’s tally.

    That’s it!

    Can’t donate? You can cheerlead - spread the word to your workmates and let them know that every time they donate, they can save up to three lives.

    Remember: the more people that donate, the more people we save.

    Ready, set, give!

    Australian Red Cross Blood Service
    Modbury Triangle Shopping Centre
    954 North East Road, Modbury

    Monday 7:30am–6:30pm
    Tuesday 7:30am–7:30pm
    Wednesday 7:30am–6:30pm
    Thursday 7:30am–7:30pm
    Friday 7:30am–6:30pm
    Saturday 7:30am–12:30pm

    You can also book in to the MOBILE DONOR CENTRE stationed at Elizabeth by calling 13 14 95 - make sure to have them add your donation to the City of Playford team!

    CS MC 190703 Blood Challenge BANNER

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