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Go2Gov - Connecting small business and startups to Government Programs

Go2Gov - Connecting small business and startups to Government Programs
Wednesday 7th October at 10:00am - 11:00am
Stretton Centre

The Government of South Australia has established the Go2Gov pilot program to encourage and support local startups and early stage scalable businesses to bring innovative solutions to government as the first or reference customer.

The Stretton Centre will be hosting a FREE information session for any small business wanting to know more about the Go2Gov Program.

  • Date: Wednesday, 7 October 2020
  • Time: 10-11am
  • Location: Level 1, the Stretton Centre, 307 Peachey Rd, Munno Para

How it works

The program is based on an innovation challenge format, where state government will issue public sector challenges into the market and startups will be supported to submit proposals to address those challenges.

The challenges will be innovation-friendly, require the development of novel solutions and have the potential to scale beyond government.

Multiple startups may be funded to work with a state government agency to prove the viability of their proposals.

After the pilot, an agency may directly contract the most successful startup for the provision of that product or service for up to three years.

Why participate?

  • Build commercial relationships with public sector agencies
  • List the Government of South Australia as credible reference customer to help secure future sales
  • Retain ownership of intellectual property generated through the program

Am I eligible?

The program is open to individuals, partnerships and startup/ early-stage businesses:

  • Headquartered (or willing to be headquartered) in South Australia
  • Less than seven years old
  • With less than $10 million revenue in the previous financial year

How can I get involved?

Startups can engage with the program by:

  • Responding to public sector challenges issued by participating agencies through a Call for Proposals process
  • Directly approaching the program with an unsolicited proposal

Stretton Centre

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