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Stretton Centre

307 Peachey Road , Munno Para 5115 sa (See map)
08 8254 4666

The Stretton Centre creates positive economic and social outcomes for northern Adelaide.

The Stretton Centre is a regional hub where entrepreneurs, industry, government creatives and thinkers come together to create positive economic and social outcomes for northern Adelaide. This is achieved through collaboration, innovation, economic development, advocacy, research and workforce training and development.

Run your business from the Stretton Centre

Co-Working at the Stretton Centre is more than just a space to run your business from, it’s a way to network and connect with small businesses, access business support services and establish your business in a bespoke office environment.

To learn more about the Stretton Centre's Co-Working spaces view their website. You can also contact the Stretton Centre at
or on 8254 4666 to arrange a time to discuss Co-Working packages available.

Functional and Flexible Venue Hire Spaces

The Stretton Centre offers functional and flexible spaces which have been designed to support activities related to business, employment, training and research. Spaces can easily be transformed to host your next workshop, training session, meeting or event!

the Stretton Centre’s venue hire spaces online. Or contact the Stretton Centre on 8254 4666 or email the team at to arrange for a guided tour.


Stretton Parking July 2020
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