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Business Accelerator Program | People-Led Growth

Business Accelerator Program | People-Led Growth
Wednesday 25th May at 7:00am - 9:00am
Stretton Centre
Business, Community Organisations

How to Lead, Recruit, Build Culture and Capability

Presenter: Jason Murray

Jason will expertly analyse and unpack each of…

  • Leadership
  • Culture
  • Talent

Jason then looks at the elements which form the bedrock of high-performance thinking. Amongst other things, he unravels…

• Why comfort is a slow death

• How to create and apply your energies

• Where you do versus where you should spend your time

To conclude, Jason investigates the concept of “beginning with the end in mind”. Here he…

• Explores organisational culture

• Explains “cultural kryptonite”

• Inspects “talent attraction”

• Examines the sigmoid wave

Jason Murray

Jason has over 25 years’ experience of senior leadership roles within national and international professional services firms, providing strategic advice to clients in Advanced Manufacturing, Defence, Technology, Heavy Engineering, and the Energy sectors.

Jason has held CEO, COO and Managing Partner roles, and has consulted extensively on increasing organisational performance and resilience throughout the Asia Pacific, US and Europe with specific focus on ensuring the people who operate the systems, process and technology of an organisation are engaged, energised and able to perform to their highest personal capacity.

Having advised, coached, and mentored numerous SME’s and family business, as well as having been a Founder and owner himself, Jason is acutely aware of the need to balance profitability with realistic growth whilst maintaining a true course to achieve the visionary business goals of the owners.

Bringing a practical, realistic yet holistic approach to improving business performance, his extensive network of industry and advisory firm connections provides clients with access to business introductions that have led to a range of joint ventures, funding, research programs and a host of collaboration opportunities.

With a passion for connecting people to the latest leadership trends, industry practices and digital innovations that can aid in transformational growth, Jason facilitates Thought Leadership events focused on interactive learning and the sharing of ideas to help South Australian business flourish.

The Program consists of seven workshops:

• Growth for a Purpose: How to start planning now for Succession and Business Sale

Market-Led Growth: Accelerating Growth by Embracing Uncertainty

• Accelerating Sales Growth: Via Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics

Growth from Marketing: How to build your Brand, Communications, Social and Digital Media

Growth from Government: How to Win Tenders and Access Grants

• People-Led Growth: How to Lead, Recruit, Build Culture and Capability

Systemising Growth: How to build ICT, Operations, Logistics, Supply-Chain, and Inventory Systems

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Stretton Centre

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