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Business Accelerator Program | Growth From Government

Business Accelerator Program | Growth From Government
Wednesday 13th April at 7:00am - 9:00am
Stretton Centre
Business, Community Organisations

Growth From Government

How to Win Tenders and Access Grants

Presenters: Jenny Briggs & Victoria Kardasis

Jenny and Victoria from Business SA will identify how best to go about winning tenders and accessing grants.

They will walk attendees through…

  • How to access funding and source tender and grant information
  • How best to assess strategic alignment and viability
  • RFQ/RFP Timeline & Key Considerations
  • How client focused are you? - The importance of maintaining a client focus
  • Why would a client buy from you?

Jenny Briggs

Jenny has led the Employer Solutions and Programs team at Business SA since 2015. The team delivers a range of consulting, advisory and training services, capability building programs and products.

Her commercial experience includes leadership roles in private and NFP sectors across multiple industries. Jenny has over 20 years’ experience in tendering, execution, governance and management of Federal, State and Local Government contracts.

Jenny derives great enjoyment from working with teams to develop programs, products and services to drive commercial outcomes for clients, and providing high quality consulting and advisory services enabling compliance and growth strategies for early-stage and established businesses.

With an extensive background in learning and development, across a variety of roles, Jenny has comprehensive knowledge of learning methodology, performance management and competency frameworks, strategic and leadership development initiatives, and development and execution of client, competency based and industry specific training and development programs.

A keen advocate for capability building and a better skilled South Australia and passionate about working with business and industry to enable success via people led initiatives and workplace education. A huge fan of action and experiential learning, behavioral change programs and use of competency frameworks to support workforce development.

Victoria Kardasis

With a collaborative, consultative approach and 15+ years strategic tendering experience, Victoria’s purpose it to inspire and encourage clients to think outside the box, be bold and dare to challenge the status quo. Victoria have successfully led teams across professional services to win and retain annuity work with clients across multiple sectors and industries.

In a perfect world these wins would come easily, but where would the fun be in that? It takes time, the right intent, discipline and a lot of focus, and that’s why Victoria loves it.

Areas of Expertise include:

  • Professional services
  • Strategy and leadership development
  • Business and sales development
  • Strategic account management
  • Facilitator and trainer
  • Client relationship and stakeholder engagement

The Program consists of seven workshops:

  • Growth for a Purpose: How to start planning now for Succession and Business Sale
  • Market-Led Growth: Accelerating Growth by Embracing Uncertainty
  • Accelerating Sales Growth: Via Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics
  • Growth from Marketing: How to build your Brand, Communications, Social and Digital Media
  • Growth from Government: How to Win Tenders and Access Grants
  • People-Led Growth: How to Lead, Recruit, Build Culture and Capability
  • Systemising Growth: How to build ICT, Operations, Logistics, Supply-Chain, and Inventory Systems

Event code: #EVENT204

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Stretton Centre

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