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Options for Gloaming Reserve put forward for community feedback

Options for Gloaming Reserve put forward for community feedback
Published 27 May 2024
The Hillbank community are being asked to choose options for their park upgrade.

The Hillbank community is being asked to consider different options for an upcoming upgrade to a reserve within walking distance from Jo Gapper Activity Park.

As part of Council’s Open Space Strategy, City of Playford is enhancing Gloaming Reserve, situated on the corner of Gloaming Close and Homestead Drive in Hillbank. Council is seeking input from local residents to help develop a more welcoming and connected reserve.

Council is considering different options for the reserve and asking residents to help inform the site’s final design, with construction subject to a budgeting process.

Mayor Glenn Docherty said Council was eager to hear feedback on the options to help create an outdoor space the community would regularly use.

“We’re asking our community what concept design they would prefer to see at the reserve. The options presented include a large flying fox, a standard flying fox, a slide and basket swing, or an improved green space,” Mayor Docherty said.

Jo Gapper Activity Park is one of Playford’s key destination parks, offering more facilities and servicing Hillbank with a dog park, large playground, amenities like toilets and picnic areas, a basketball and tennis court, and sportsgrounds west of the park.

“Once upgraded, Gloaming Reserve, like other smaller parks in our city, will complement the much larger Jo Gapper Activity Park, which has the amenities to cater to a wider range of activities,” said the Mayor.

A survey with enclosed reply-paid envelope has been mailed to residents living near Gloaming Reserve, so regular users can help decide on the preferred option for the space.

“Council looks forward to hearing from local residents on the future upgrade options for Gloaming Reserve,” said the Mayor.

You can provide your feedback by 5pm, 11 June 2024 in a number of ways:

An expected completion date has not been formalised for the Gloaming Reserve upgrade, as the plans are still being scoped, pending feedback from this consultation.

Image of gloaming reserve concept plan
Gloaming Reserve concept plan for large flying fox. One of the options available to choose in Council's survey.