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Mow it All

Mow it All
Published 24 September 2020
Meet Woody, and also find out about our verge mowing and roadside slashing programs - and how you can go about maintaining your own verge.

The Boots on the Ground

The smiling gent pictured is Ross Woods (widely known as Woody.) With a name like that you’d expect he’d be part of our Tree Team, but he is currently on our Parks and Landscapes Team, keeping our parks looking 'spiffy.'

Woody has mowed, cut and tended a lot of Playford's green spaces since he started working with council in 1992. He has some long credentials with verge maintenance and tractor slashing.

He's also had a stint looking after playgrounds and sports ovals – even maintaining his beloved Dogs hallowed home-ground, Central Districts Oval, many years ago. (UDOGS.)

It’s our people like Woody who are out there working, day after day and year after year, to make Playford look its best. And during spring growth, that’s certainly a full time job.

Urban and Rural Verge Mowing

As the spring weather nurtures growth on our verges, roadsides, open spaces and landscaped areas alike, you’ll be seeing our mowers, tractors and reach slashers out and about across Playford - between April and January every year.

In a city of approximately 345sq kms, Playford has almost 700 kms of urban verges. Our verges require between four to five cuts a year, with each cut taking up to 40 days to complete to make sure Playford remains well presented and a great place to live for our community.

In addition to maintaining urban verges, Council crews slash 500 hectares of open spaces and corridors which equates to almost 900 football ovals worth of grass, in addition to 630km of rural verges. This is managed through Council’s tractor slashing program which slashes roadsides and intersections and our reach slashing program for gullies and swale drains.

This year, our community can expect an additional cut across both of these programs as a result of Council’s 20/21 Annual Business Plan.

Maintaining your own Verge

Often, residents ask if it’s ok to maintain a Council verge, and the answer is yes. We encourage our ‘verge proud’ residents to let us know and fill out an application. The applications process is important to make sure residents are aware of any associated risk when working on their verge.

Our rural residents will find there are a few more things to consider in their application, like terrain and the preservation of native vegetation - which are indicated by numbered blue markers along roadsides.

Spring is also a timely reminder for our rural residents to consider their own bushfire safety plans and vegetation management on their properties.

Connect with us

We are here and interested in hearing from you about how we deliver these services. If you have thoughts, suggestions, or just want to connect with us, contact us on or call 8256 0333.