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Footpaths, Street Trees and Nature Strips

How Council Manages Urban Roadside Mowing

Playford's operational staff maintain our verges as part of our Urban Verge Mowing Program.

Maintenance of our parks, reserves, open spaces and rural roadsides occurs separate to the Urban Verge Mowing Program.

Our team works across Council's metropolitan and township areas in rostered sections, allowing mowing and maintenance of each section in a specific timeframe.

Grass clippings from the Urban Verge Mowing Program are collected as soon as practical after the mowing has occurred. Council commits to a maximum delay of 24 hours to comply with Environment Protection Authority (EPA) requirements.

Footpath blower operators also follow the Urban Verge Mowing Program to blow any grass from the footpath to the roadway for ease of removal by the street sweeper.

This program is subject to weather conditions, staff availability, resources, rapid-response requests or emergency work.

Verge FAQs

How do I contact Council about overgrown verges?

You can log a customer request online, by visiting Playford Online Services, phoning Customer Care on (08) 8256 0333 or by sending an email to

What does it mean if I have a green marking on the verge out the front of my house?

Verges marked with a green marker indicate that there is an agreement with the resident to maintain their own verge area. If you have recently moved into the property, or are no longer able to maintain your own verge, please contact Council to discuss your options.

Am I able to landscape the verge out the front of my house?

If you're a keen gardener and wish to landscape the verge out the front of your house, you'll need to submit a verge landscaping application to Council.

Before completing and submitting your application form be sure to read the Verge Landscape Guidelines. Submit your application by email to or send to 12 Bishopstone Road, Davoren Park, SA, 5113.

If approved, you will have responsibility for ongoing maintenance of the verge. Council staff will mark your verge with a green marker to indicate to our mowing and maintenance teams that you are maintaining the verge.

Verge Maintenance Documents

Request a Tree

If you're eager to grow a beautiful new tree in front of your property, you'll need to lodge a request to Council.

How can I get a new tree planted out the front of my property?

Request a new tree online, by visiting Playford Online Services, phoning Customer Care on (08) 8256 0333 or by sending an email to, providing the following information:

  • Exact location of the proposed tree planting, address or landmark - be as specific as possible
  • Reason for the request
  • Your name, contact details and how you would like Council to contact you back

Our staff will inspect the location, existing trees and assess your request. The assessment will cover such issues as the possible impact of planting on any proposed footpath-paving program, location of services and the suitability of trees at your preferred location.

We will let you know either by telephone or in writing, of the outcome of the assessment.

If the proposal is approved, planting will occur during the more temperate months as this is best horticultural practice.

When will trees be planted?

The best time to plant street trees is between May and September when rain is most likely to help the tree grow. Requests for new or replacement street trees will be accepted through the summer months, but unfortunately due to the temperature, the trees will not be planted until the following planting season. Planting of trees may also be impacted by planned footpath or road programmed work.

Can I select the species to be planted?

Unfortunately not, as only qualified Council staff can select an appropriate species in line with Playford policies and procedures.

You may discuss planting options and species selection with Council staff. Please be mindful species selection is limited by stock availability.

Can I plant my own tree?

Unfortunately not, as residents are not permitted to plant their own tree on street verges that are maintained by Council, and we no longer provide free trees for residents to plant on their property.

How Do I Report Hazardous Tree Damage?

A 'tree emergency' doesn't mean a tree is sick, a tree emergency is when a damaged street tree or park tree is posing a hazard by blocking or threatening the street or verge, and is putting our community safety at risk.

What is considered a street tree or park tree emergency?
  • A tree has fallen over
  • A large branch has fallen from a tree and is blocking a street or footpath
  • A tree, or part of a tree, located in a park or city property is failing or about to fall
  • A large branch is hanging from a tree and threatening to damage property or public safety
  • Any other immediate hazard situation on public property or verge
  • A tree blocking a driveway or preventing safe access for emergency services
  • If you feel it is an imminent risk of falling
What can I expect when I report a tree emergency?
  • Tree services will respond and inspect the emergency to make the situation safe
  • A follow up inspection and/or remedial action by tree crews will be carried out
  • Tree work will follow and the tree may be removed or subject to on-going maintenance or inspection
How can I report tree damage?

Report tree damage online, by visiting Playford Online Services, phoning Customer Care on (08) 8256 0333 or by sending an email to

In the event of a State declared emergency or severe weather event in which trees cause damage to your property and risk your personal safety, contact the South Australian Emergency Services (SES).


The City of Playford is responsible for the installation of new footpaths and the maintenance of existing footpaths on local streets or reserve areas. However, in new land division areas, the responsibility for construction of footpaths lies with the developer.

How do I request a new footpath?

If you have recently moved into a new home in a new development, there may be a chance the footpath has not yet been established. The developer of your housing estate is responsible for installing your footpath. If you would like to know which side of the street the footpath will be on, please contact Council on 8256 0333 or by email

If you are living in an existing area of Playford and there is a missing section of footpath please contact Council on 8256 0333 or by email. Council can add your request to the schedule of capital works.

How Do I Report Damage to Footpaths?

Report footpath damage online, by visiting Playford Online Services, phoning Customer Care on (08) 8256 0333 or by sending an email to

Your request will be inspected and assessed, then placed on a program of works based on the condition rating, including how severe the damage is to the footpath. If the damage is rated as minor, the request will be placed onto a register with works to be programmed as funding is made available.

Damaged caused by individuals, contractors or organisations

The City of Playford is responsible for the maintenance of footpaths throughout the community. Individuals, contractors or organisations carrying out works must notify Council in writing and wait for approval before commencing works.

If any damage to the path is sustained during the course of works, the path is to be reinstated to a standard that is compliant to Council's specifications at the expense of the offending party.