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Love your street tree

Love your street tree
Published 15 June 2022
Residents are invited to show their street trees some love as part of a new initiative to involve the community in greening the city.

The City of Playford want to ensure that our community has the best standard of trees. Love your street tree is a new initiative to involve the community in greening the city.

How will Council look after street trees?


We will water street trees a minimum of once a week during summer. During the cooler months, we will test the moisture content of the soil and water accordingly.

Tree pruning

We prune trees during the first few years of a tree’s life to help them grow into the required shape and structure.

Tree Support

When the street trees are planted, we may stake a tree to provide tree growth support.


When the tree was planted, a layer of mulch was spread around its base. This mulch will help to retain moisture and prevent weeds. We will top up the mulch when required.


We will fertilise street trees three times a year to improve the soil and give the trees the best chance of a healthy life. Weed spraying: When required, we will spray for unwanted weeds that compete for moisture and nutrients within the soil.

What can you do to help?

Regularly water your street tree

You can help new trees grow by filling the well surrounding the tree with water once a week during the summer and dry months. Ensure mulch is kept away from the tree trunk to avoid rot.

Report vandalism and tree damage

Please keep an eye on your street tree and let us know if you have any concerns. You can report vandalism and tree damage: online by: visiting, phoning Customer Care on 8256 0333 or emailing

Other things to remember

Please do NOT use grass clippings for mulch as they can be toxic to young and establishing trees